When procuring goods or services, the council rarely uses approved lists.  Those that are used are detailed on our e-Sourcing Solution.  In most cases each requirement in excess of £100,000 are competitively tendered. The start of the process occurs by placing an advert on our e-Sourcing Solution, In-Tend.

Contractors and suppliers are requested to submit an expression of interest in response to tenders as and when they are advertised. These expressions can only be accepted when received electronically, via InTend, or in, exceptional cases only, hard copy format, as instructed, and must include all information requested within the advert. Verbal expressions of interest will not be accepted.

These pages have been designed to provide our business partners and other interested parties with information and advice on our procurement process. If you have any comments, or purely wish to contact us, please email us at procurement@portsmouthcc.gov.uk.

Commissioning  social care and support services for adults

We want to support and encourage providers to develop personalised, integrated care and support services in Portsmouth that offer quality and choice for customers. Our Market Position Statement (available from the documents section below) has been developed to support providers to achieve this aim.

It takes a fresh look at the local social care and health market and includes information that will help providers to:

  • Grow your business – it can help providers make decisions about which services to invest in for the future. It includes detailed intelligence on current levels of activity and forecasts future supply and demand.
  • Identify gaps in the market – at a time of great change, it can help with innovation. For example, how new requirements in the Care Act 2014 will affect providers’ business (in terms of new responsibilities for providers and how to meet the needs of a wider range of customers, especially self-funders).
  • Respond to new business opportunities – it can help providers to find out about customer demand. It can tell you more about how many people have personal budgets and what they are choosing to spend their budget on.