Working with us, purchase orders and invoices

Improve your cashflow with payment by council purchasing card.

This is a simple guide to how suppliers can work with Portsmouth City Council (‘the council’) to enable the effective payment for goods and services. This doesn’t replace our standard Terms and Conditions, but aims to support them by being clear and concise.

1. If you are asked to provide goods or services to the council then you should supply a written quotation unless you already have a contract with us for the service to be provided.

2. The quotation will be used to create a Purchase order which can be emailed to you outlining the services agreed.  This order will contain a unique 7 digit Purchase Order (PO) number, which must be quoted on ALL related invoices that you submit to the council.

If you have not been provided with a Purchase Order number, then you must include the name of a council employee who commissioned the goods/service from you, along with proof of the agreement to provide the goods/services to us.

3. Before the invoice can be paid, we will confirm that the council purchaser has received the goods/services and agrees the invoice. Any disputes regarding the invoice or delivery of goods/service must be resolved between the purchaser and the supplier.

4. Validated invoices will be paid within agreed terms. The council’s standard terms are 30 days from receipt of a valid/undisputed invoice.

5. All invoices must contain clear information as follows:

  • a council contact name and address,
  • your name and address,
  • your bank details,
  • the Purchase Order number,
  • a unique invoice number,
  • full breakdown of the goods or service provided,
  • VAT charged and VAT number (if applicable)

6. Accepting VISA payment cards could enable you to get immediate payment:

Portsmouth City Council offers suppliers the opportunity to receive payment by Purchasing Card to improve the efficiency of the purchasing process for both the council and its suppliers.

Purchasing Cards work in a similar way to credit cards and can be used to purchase goods or services. They can be treated like traditional credit cards and can be open to use with any supplier who is capable of receiving payment via a credit card.

The use of purchasing cards can simplify the processes for the council and reduce the number of paper invoices it receives from suppliers.

Suppliers also benefit in the following ways:

  • Improved cash flow
  • Payment within 4 working days
  • Reduced administration costs – no need to issue an invoice or chase up payments, late payments and unpaid invoices are virtually eliminated
  • Increased business opportunities and a competitive advantage

If you are a supplier who is interested in receiving payments by purchasing cards please email

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