Help with GB-EU customs rules

Many businesses might need to deal with custom declarations for the first time due to changes to imports and exports to and from the EU.

Fortunately, Portico Logistics, owned by the council, regularly handle thousands of customs declarations at all UK ports through their customs agency. They have the right systems to talk to HMRC to make sure goods reach their destination without delay.

When commissioning an agent you should always look for AEO accreditation. This means they can process paperwork faster and benefit from priority clearance. It also means a lower risk score. This may reduce the number of checks customs carry out on your documents and goods.

Portico are fully accredited and authorised by the government, so you know you are in safe hands. They can also make duty payments up front on your behalf, with deferment powers increased to £1m.

So if you’re looking for an experienced specialist to help you navigate GB-EU customs arrangements, get in touch today.