Using our poster sites is an ideal and cost effective way of reaching your key demographic, including the 11.4 million visitors who come to Portsmouth each year, the 7,800 businesses in the city or the 29,000 students at the University.

We have a variety of sites to display your eye catching design and message, located at main artery roads into the city, to capture the 170,000+ cars entering the city each day. We also have many sites in residential areas, parks and along the seafront promenade to catch the attention of families and those at leisure.

For more information, a map of sites or availability listings, please contact Cultural Services by:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Localised A1 posters

Specification: 594mm x 841mm

Booking period: one week

Rates 2024/25:

  • £10 per poster (5–9 sites)
  • £7.50 per poster (10 or more sites)
poster signs on the common

Entrance to the city

Specification: 1,870mm x 600mm

Booking period: one week

Rates: £63 per poster

Posters of Portsmouth Festival