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The Hard Interchange

  • Open 24 hours a day with visitor information centre and travel shop open during the day.
  • Annual footfall is over 8 million, or 160,000 per week, this includes:
    • Isle of Wight Catamaran – 1.2 million per annum
    • Gosport Ferry – 3.3 million per annum
    • Portsmouth Harbour Station – 2.2 million per annum
    • First Bus / Stagecoach / National Express – 1.6 million per annum
  • Annual footfall for inside the Hard Interchange building is 2.5 million, or 50,000 per week.
The Hard Portsmouth

2 digital advertising opportunities

Video wall

Suspended from the ceiling of the Interchange building, on the direct route to Portsmouth Harbour train station and ferry terminals we have a 4×4 (each screen is 46”) video wall, equating to a 92” overall screen size. Rail departures and messaging will be shown when not displaying advertising with up to 80% advertising time. Full motion with sound. The display is HD and can handle a 4K feed which substantially increases the quality of the video shown on the screen.

Specification: 92” screen displaying 1 minute of HD or 4K video or static image


  • £60 per month
  • For the full advertising experience to include the 9 departure tv screens and video wall, the full package = £150 per month

We are able to offer the video wall for images or videos. Please can any video be in mp4 format. This can be of any size but the higher quality the better.

A video screen at The Hard

Departure screens

There are 9 departure screens with a 16:9 ratio. 9 out of the 9 stand displays are available which are situated above the bus departure doors which have seating underneath for people waiting for buses, coaches or onward connecting travel. Full motion, no sound.

There are 3 possible options for advertising on these screens as follows:

Option 1:

  • 50% of the overall screens
  • Rate: £80/month

Option 2:

  • Scrolling banner at the bottom of the screens
  • Rate: £30/month

Option 3:

  • For both the above
  • Rate: £100/month

Specification: This is for a 1 minute advert played 6 times per hour (every 10 minutes)

Due to our upcoming software and hardware upgrades we are currently able to offer this section indicated in red on all the 9 departure screens.

A departure screen at The Hard

Specification for digital screen advertising

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Resolution: HD (1920 x 1080) or 4K (3840 x 2160)

Format: Video: .mpg (preferred), .mov, .mp4, still image: .jpg, .png

Run time: 1 minute

File name: Name your file with your company/campaign and asset booked

Supply: All content must be sent at least one week prior to your campaign going live.

Small vinyl graphics on top glass panels – bus side of terminal

Specification: 1,710mm x 1,050mm. Single or double sided available

Booking period: one year

Rate: £1,000 (single sided), £2,000 (double-sided)

An advertisement for Paulton's Park on the side of The Hard
Small vinyl graphics on top glass panels – train side of terminal

Specification: 1,980mm x 1,730mm.

Booking period: one year

Rate: £1,400 contra-vision (single sided) £2,800 (double-sided)

Advertisements on the side of The Hard
Large vinyl graphics on lower glass panels – terminal building

Specification: 1,980mm x 3,250mm. Single sided

Booking period: one year

Rate: £2,500. £1,040 to change the artwork

An advertisement for the Hovercraft on The Hard
Large vinyl graphics on main glass panels – taxi rank building

Specification: 1,000mm (varies) x 3,260mm. Single sided

Booking period: one year

Rate: £2,500. £1,040 to change the artwork

An advertisement for the Gosport Ferry on The Hard

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