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Apply for Council Tax Support

Council Tax Support is a scheme to help some people pay their Council Tax. The amount of support you can get will depend on your income and your personal circumstances and is only available to people resident in the UK.

All working age customers will have to pay at least 20% of their council tax, as Council Tax Support will be limited to a maximum 80% of the council tax bill

The council tax band used to calculate Council Tax Support will be capped at Band C. This means someone who lives in a property that is council tax Band D or above will have their Council Tax Support calculated as if they lived at Band C property. 86.6% of properties in Portsmouth are Band C or below

The minimum council tax support award will be £2 per week – if someone’s Council Tax Support is calculated below this amount, it will be withdrawn altogether and they will need to pay their full council tax liability

There is a capital limit of £6,000 – this means people who have more than £6,000 in savings or capital will not receive Council Tax Support.

A Council Tax Support hardship fund is available and you can apply using the application form in the documents section below.

The fund is only for people who meet the criteria for Council Tax Support. It doesn’t apply if you don’t receive help due to having more than £6,000 in savings or capital, or your Council Tax Support is calculated below the minimum £2. However, if you are experiencing difficulties please get in touch to discuss payment.

Details of revised Council Tax Support and the amount of Council Tax to be paid will be sent by letter in March.

Please make sure your Council Tax Support award is correct and let us know if there are any changes to your circumstances, otherwise you could face a penalty.