Cost of living support and advice

Find some lower-cost, sustainable options to help you travel in and around Portsmouth or further afield.

Cheaper, greener travel

Walking is the cheapest travel option, but it is not an option for everyone or every journey. Cycling is a low-cost alternative. There are a number of second-hand bike shops and bicycle recycling projects in Portsmouth that can help reduce your travel costs, including Portsmouth Cycle Exchange in Southsea and the Community Cycle Centre in Walsall Road. Many of the community bike centres offer affordable repairs, to keep you on the road too.

Repair & Ride workshops

Repair and Ride workshops started in March to give Portsmouth residents the chance to learn the basics of cycle maintenance through a series of informal, hands-on workshops suitable for adults of all ages and abilities. If your bike needs a repair or some TLC, join our free Repair & Ride workshops and learn the practical skills to maintain your bike at home. We’re holding the workshops in five locations with flexible times to suit you, including during the day, evenings and on Saturday mornings. Find out more and book your place

Public transport

Single bus fare capped. Portsmouth’s single bus fare is now capped at £2.50 until November 2024. Read more about our bus service improvement plan.

The new “Pompey Young Person” ticket range now offers discounted bus fares to the under 19s on bus routes starting within the city. Discounts will be available on the bus, via mobile apps, or online. Read more about bus fare discounts for young people.

Bus passes Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to get free bus travel with an older persons or disabled persons bus pass, or get cheaper travel on buses, trains and coaches through a range of railcards.

  • If you are disabled, you can apply for a Disabled Persons Bus Pass for free travel any time.
  • Portsmouth residents over the age of 66, you can apply for an Older Persons Bus Pass, for free travel from 9am to 11pm weekdays and all-day weekends and bank holidays. Time restrictions are lifted if you can show proof that you’re attending a hospital appointment

More ways to travel cheaply

Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (HTCS)

If you get certain benefits and you have to go to hospital for specialist treatment or tests, you may be able to claim a refund of travel costs under the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (HTCS). Find out who can apply, what benefits qualify and how you can make a claim.

Voi e-scooters

The Voi e-scooters are a quick and easy way to get around the city. Voi also offers a number of discounts.

If you are on a low-income, a veteran or a member of HM Forces, or you are employed by the NHS or emergency services, you can get a 50% off, and students get 20% discount too.

Beryl shared bikes

The ‘Beryl bikes by Breeze‘ is a bike share scheme, providing a quick and easy way to travel in the city centre.

If you are employed by the NHS you get free bike rides if you register using your NHS email address.

Park and Ride

Our park and ride service is a quick, easy, low-cost option for families and groups of up to 5. Hop on/off as much as you like for £4 per car, or even cheaper with a smartcard. Buy in advance or on the day. Find more information.

Lower-cost parking at Park and Ride

If you need to travel into the city by car, you can use Park & Ride all day, including the shuttle bus, for £4 – one ticket covers up to five passengers. Flexi passes are also available, starting at £2 a day, or unlimited travel within a chosen timeframe from £1.65 a day.