Parking allocations varies between sites. If you work in another office, talk to your manager about parking arrangements. You can also see information about essential visitor and duty permits, which are available to staff who need to park elsewhere in the city as part of their work

Parking permits are allocated to staff depending on your job and amount of travel you do for the council.The staff parking arrangements for the civic offices, including park and ride, are set-out below.

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Civic offices parking

The chief executive and strategic directors have guaranteed parking spaces in the basement of the civic offices. Other staff who have permits to use the basement or podium car parks are not guaranteed a space. 

Disabled parking

The council has eight car parking spaces allocated for staff with mobility issues. They can also be used by visitors who are visiting the Civic Offices.

Any member of staff who requires the use of one of these parking spaces should contact for more information.

Parking permits

Currently staff who need to use their cars for work purposes - and who make at least three work-related journeys per week when averaged over a six month period – can request a parking permit. If you think you qualify, you should talk to your manager. One journey means from the civic offices to a site and back to the civic offices. Civic offices to site A, then on to site B, then site C, and then back to the civic offices equals three journeys. The number of permits is limited, so there may be a delay in acquiring a permit. Directors should request permits by email to

A new employee who replaces someone with a permit will need to make a new application - permits cannot be transferred. Photocopies are invalid and may lead to someone losing their parking pass. Use of pool and electric vehicles are also available from the civic site.

Visitor parking 

Five spaces are available for staff visitors but parking is not guaranteed. Call security on 4096 to arrange.

Evening passes

Evening passes are issued free to staff who work shifts and need to use their vehicle as part of their job. For evening passes to be valid, cars should not enter the basement before 5pm and must be removed by 8.30am.

Motorcycle parking

There are a limited number of designated spaces for motorcycles in the underground and podium car parks.

Spaces in the underground car park will be given to staff who use their motorcycle for business use.

Motorcyclists need to contact to register their motorcycle in order to use these spaces.

Bicycle parking

Staff can leave their bikes in the underground car park, where there is various bicycle parking facilities including a secure compound. If you would like to park your bike in the underground car park, you need to register your bike. Once your bike is registered, you will be given a yellow sticker to attached to the bike and, if you requested, access to the secure compound. For a registration form and yellow label, please contact

Please do not let anyone tailgate you through the security swipe doors.


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