Car sharing is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way of getting to work.

Travelling with others allows you to share transport costs and reduces the number of cars on the road, meaning reduced congestion, easier parking and less pollution. It could save the average commuter £780 a year. 

Things to know about car sharing: 

  • you do not have to share every day
  • you don't need to be a car driver in order to car share
  • you can ask for a contribution to cover expenses, as long as you don't make a profit
  • it can be on a regular or irregular, formal or informal basis
  • travel one way or both ways
  • you can choose to share with someone of the same sex, same taste in radio stations, like who likes to talk or prefers to be quiet
  • it can be used not just for work but also taking children to school, getting to and from university, doing the weekly shop and visiting friends.
  • it’s a chance to meet new people
  • you must let your insurance company know but it should not affect your insurance

In emergencies, the council can provide an emergency lift home (within 20 miles of the Civic Offices), for those registered on the car share database and regularly car sharing.

To make it easy for staff to find their perfect car-share partners, you can use the free Liftshare database.  The database allows you to search for potential car-sharers based on your journeys and location and based on your travel preferences.

How does Liftshare work?

  • Portsmouth City Council has its own private group on this secure website so you can search for potential partners
  • your email address is kept hidden at all times. The only information that is visible to other users is your 'usually called' name, your smoking preference and the journey details you added

To register on Liftshare:

  • visit the Liftshare website
  • click the 'Join' button
  • on the drop down menu choose 'Portsmouth City Council'
  • register using your work-based outlook email, for example as this is the only email address that the database will recognise
  • enter your journey details

The database will search for potential matches for you and then you can request to be put in touch with them.

  • when you first meet, check the identity of your lift share and show them yours
  • establish clear rules at the start such as smoking/non-smoking, music, eating or drinking, pick up points
  • every car share member is responsible for their own safety. The decision as to whether to take a passenger/get in the car is entirely up to you
  • start out on a trial basis, such as a month
  • if the arrangement doesn’t work out you can end it at any time
  • exchange contact details for when things go wrong
  • we do not recommend you exchange home addresses for security reasons and advise staff to meet in public places such as a train or bus station 


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