When driving council vehicles, with the permission of their manager, staff are covered by a fully comprehensive insurance policy.

  • The policy is with the insurer Zurich Municipal
  • The policy number is QLA-11U007-0073-59

Who can drive council vehicles?

The council’s insurance allows council vehicles to be driven by “any driver, with the permission of the policyholder”. In practical terms, the “policyholder” is the manager responsible for vehicle or the service, and so it is the manager who must ensure that the driver is appropriate, competent, and qualified to drive the vehicle. Council vehicles cannot be driven for personal use, unless in exceptional circumstances which have been agreed in advance.

What if I have an accident?

First and foremost, do not ignore the accident – incidents must be reported within 24 hours.

Please refer to the step-by-step guide which has been prepared to show staff what to do if they are involved in an accident.

There is also a form to report an incident and to make a claim available below.

What is not covered by the policy?

The policy only covers legitimate and agreed use of council vehicles – it does not cover vehicles owned by member of staff, even if that vehicle is on council land, or is being used for council business.

If staff use their own vehicle for work purposes (beyond simply driving to and from work) it is their own responsibility to ensure that their policy includes ‘business use’. If you use your vehicle for council business without being covered specifically for business use, you are not insured.

  • If a new vehicle is acquired, or an old one is disposed of, the council insurance records must be updated. A Vehicle Data form must be completed, and emailed to vehicledata@portsmouthcc.gov.uk
  • When vehicles are hired for less than 14 days for business use, they are automatically covered by the council’s insurance policy. However, you must keep records of the hire (vehicle type, registration number, hire period, and cost) to be passed to Insurance team on a regular basis. When hiring a vehicle for more than 14 days, contact the Insurance team
  • The council’s insurance does cover council vehicles abroad, but there are still various additional requirements for some non-European Community countries. It is therefore essential that you contact Insurance team at the earliest possible point to allow for the issue of the required additional documentation.
    • Advice about managing staff using their own vehicles for work purposes can be found in the  Zurich Municipal Guide to Managing Grey Fleet Risks which can be downloaded below.

Portsmouth City Council has an agreement with A&J Lawrence, and this firm performs a comprehensive range of services for all council vehicles.

The agreement is designed to offer a quick and easy one-stop-shop for staff, with all services available under one roof, and includes a ‘drop in’ service for small items such as bulb replacements.

A&J Lawrence will provide all vehicle servicing, repairs maintenance, MOT, glass, tyres and accident damage for council vehicles. For convenience, any work valued at less than £200 can be carried out without prior authorisation, and the agreement also applies to lease vehicles. The firm also operates a courtesy care scheme.

The company also provides breakdown and recovery services (including tyres and glass) within the postcodes PO1 to PO16.

A&J Lawrence, based in North Harbour Spur, just off the Western Road.                                                            

Bodyshop :  023 92 221167 (Cheryl/Sam)                                                            

Mechanical : 023 92 221167  Ext 116 (Jake)                                                         

Email :  info@aandjlawrence.co.uk 


Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm, Saturday 8am-midday, Sunday closed          

All accident damage  must  be reported to corporate Insurance & Risk within 24 hours by completing a Motor Insurance Claim form which must be sent to  Ryan.Humphreys@portsmouthcc.gov.uk or phone 02392 841535 . Repairs cannot proceed until authorisation is obtained. The council has produced a guide on using the new service, found below.

Changes the DVLA made to driving licences last year have made it harder for managers to ensure staff are safe to drive for work, so we have introduced a centralised checking service to make it easier and help protect everyone.

Anyone who drives or is expected to drive for work (including anyone who drives their own vehicle for work purposes) will need to give consent for us to check their licence using specialist DVLA software.

For more information check out the  information in  the document 'Driver's licence checks - frequently asked questions', available below orcontact 

fleetmanagement@portsmouthcc.gov.uk or phone 023 9284 1535.



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