Free pool bikes are available to staff offering a convenient and green option for local journeys. The pool bikes are for business journeys only and are located in the Civic Offices car park.

The options available include:

  • a range of electric bikes and a choice of men or women's frames
  • folding bikes
  • trailers  - a light-weight, easy to use trailer for carrying larger items to meetings or events

Each pool cycle has a lock and panniers, the bikes are regularly maintained and helmets are available. 

How do I use one of the bikes?

  • when you first want to use the bikes, fill out a declaration form agreeing to take responsibility for the bike and are fit to cycle
  • use your staff ID card number to book out a bike from the Security team located in underground car park at Civic Offices (no advance booking necessary)
  • get the keys from security. You can also ask the security staff if you want to borrow a helmet, or high-visibility jacket.
  • the numbered keys relate to the lock and pool bike
  • when you remove a bike from the rack please take the lock with you to secure it when not in use
  • always lock the bike to something solid through both the frame and wheel
  • the pool bikes are for work-related journeys only
  • no overnight or weekend booking allowed
  • Please return the keys to security, sign them in and get a countersignature from one of the security personnel 

Using the bike trailers

  • trailers must be pre-booked, which is done by setting up a meeting request in Microsoft Outlook. Invite ‘Bike Trailer 1’ or ‘Bike Trailer 2’ from the attendee list, save and close, then open up the meeting in your Calendar and print it off – you will need this to confirm your booking when collecting the trailer
  • collect your trailer from  the Security team located in underground car park at Civic Offices
  • upon collection you will be given a numbered key, for locking the trailer to the wall mount.
  • trailer hitches are permanently attached to two bikes (numbers 3 and 5)
  • spare trailer hitches are available for use on your own bike but please note that the council is not responsible for any damage a hitch may cause to your own bike
  • do not overload the trailer – the maximum safe load is 60lb / 27kg
  • do not leave trailers unattended, keep them with you at all times
  • always return the key to security staff, and immediately report any faults to the Road Safety and Sustainable Travel Team on 023 9284 1637.


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