Council staff can hire cars for business use through Southern Motor Contracts (SMC) of Havant.

Always consider hiring a PCC car rather than taking your own; all vehicles come with sat nav and are maintained to very high standards, with low emissions and fuel efficient engines. You save wear and tear on your own car and, if you're doing more than 60 miles, hiring one of our cars will cost the council less in business mileage.

The online process is quick and straightforward, but please note that you must have a legitimate council cost code to complete the booking process, and you must be authorised to spend against that cost code.

Staff making repeated bookings can create their own account, although some services have a number of co-ordinators – if your service is already registered you can skip that step.


If you have any queries about hiring cars for business, contact Fleet Management Team at or phone 02392 841535.

All staff who drive vehicles owned or leased to the council as part of their job must complete a driving assessment.

Driving while at work is recognised as a work-related activity that can pose significant risks of injury, or even fatalities, if not properly managed. The council endeavours to ensure that all employees who drive as a part of their duties do so in a competent, legally compliant and considerate manner, to minimise any potential for injury, loss or damage.

How long do the assessments take? Around one hour.

Who undertakes the assessment? The Blue Lamp Trust, a not for profit organisation established to promote and enhance community safety in Hampshire. They operate a Driver Education and Training facility to reduce the death and injuries on our roads. You can find more detail about the organisation here:

Where are the assessments completed? Staff will meet with the assessor in the underground car park of the Civic Offices. The drive will last approximately 40 minutes and include a variety of road types.

How do I book an assessment? Contact the Fleet Management Team at or phone 023 9284 1535.

How often do I need to be assessed? Staff need to sit the assessment before they begin to drive council-owned or leased vehicles. If a member of staff has two 'at fault' accidents in any two year period, they will have to retake their driving assessment.

What happens at the end of an assessment? At the end of the assessment, staff will be informed of the outcome and debriefed on the drive. If successful, a certificate will be issued and managers will be advised.

What happens if I fail an assessment? Staff will be issued with a fault report and will be required to re-sit the assessment. Managers will be advised.


Where can I find out more information about them? Contact the Fleet Management Team at or phone 023 9284 1535.


  • create a secure log-in at the Vehicle Hire Portal
  • as well as the usual security information, you will need to enter a default cost code
  • once registered you can obtain a quote, look at the FAQ page and book a vehicle


You need a default cost code to set up the account.  When booking a vehicle you will be asked to confirm a cost code that the hired vehicle will be charged to (not necessarily the default code which the account was set up with). Prices for full day bookings start from £20.00 + VAT, per day.


You will need a copy of your confirmation email to collect your car. Staff can collect their hire vehicles from the following locations:

  • from the company - vehicles can be collected from the hire company (on Southmoor Lane, Havant) within 2 hours of booking
  • from the Civic Offices - subject to availability, vehicles can be collected from the Civic Offices within 30 minutes of booking. The confirmation email, or a note of the vehicle registration number, must be taken to the car park security office (basement) where the keys will be issued. Cars are parked in dedicated parking bays, identified with signage, in the Isambard Brunel surface level car park, Alex Road Lane.
  • from another address - vehicles can be delivered to any address within PO1-PO16 postcodes, within four hours. Deliveries can be made to home/other addresses without you being present, provided there is a prearranged place for the key to be left

Economy half day hire

Staff can book a super-efficient 'Economy' car (a 5 door Hyundai i10) for part day hire.  This equates to any four-hour period and costs just £13.50 + vat. Cars are on site at the Civic Offices and available within 30 minutes.

If the designated part day cars are all booked out, then an alternative rental vehicle will be offered to you under normal booking conditions (minimum 24-hour booking).

If you need to extend the booking, simply call 023 9200 2005 and the booking will revert to the daily tariff.

Nissan Leaf - all electric cars

Three all-electric Nissan Leafs can be booked for round trip journeys of 60 miles or less and so are perfect for city travel.  There are dedicated charging bays in the Civic offices underground car park. The cost for hiring the Leaf is just £26 for a day or £14.50 for a half day. And of course there are no fuel costs which makes them very good value!

The Nissan Leaf is entirely powered by electricity, but is in every way a conventional, smart, modern well equipped five door hatchback which will carry five adults. It is fitted with navigation, climate control, reversing cameras and parking sensors. There are no gears to worry about.  During operation they emit no CO2 but more importantly they emit no Nitrous Oxides (Nitrous Oxides really affect the city's air quality).

In most ways the Nissan Leaf is operated like conventional vehicles (potentially easier), but if you are unsure about driving an electric vehicle then contact the Fleet Management Team at or phone 02392 841535 to arrange a 10 minute training session, or for those who really feel they need help there is also an hour session (at no cost).

To book a Leaf, just choose 'Electric Vehicle' from the drop down list in vehicle options. 


For convenience, most economy and medium cars (manual vehicle only) come equipped with fuel cards (on the key fob). You - the driver - are responsible for re-fuelling the vehicle using the fuel card if the tank falls below a quarter.  

The fuel cards are accepted in 95% of all UK fuel stations including all the major brands and supermarkets. Simply re-fuel and hand the card in to the cashier. You will be asked the vehicles current mileage and registration number and asked to sign the receipt. Please check that the receipt matches the amount of fuel. Where possible try to re-fuel in supermarkets as the price difference can be as much 10p per litre. Receipts should be placed in the vehicle's glove box.

All vehicles have GPS tracking devices so we have an accurate log of the journey's mileage. Your cost code will be charged back at 11p per mile for the fuel used.

If demand for hire vehicles is high, it is possible that a vehicle not equipped with a fuel card may be used. In this case, the driver is responsible for returning the vehicle with the same level of fuel as at the start of hire. Alternately the fuel will be replaced and your cost code charged for the difference.

Vehicle Checks

Before taking the hire vehicle, please check for any damage including tyres. If there is any damage, please report it to SMC on 023 9200 2002 as soon as possible.       


When setting up an account, the cost code you enter will be cross checked against the database of PCC cost codes. When a booking is made, a confirmation email is also sent to the Fleet Manager to allow bookings to be monitored. Each month a report is sent to the relevant Service Heads.


Payment for the hire will be recharged to each relevant service on a monthly basis


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