If you drive or operate a Portsmouth City Council vehicle you can get a fuel card. The cards make life much more convenient for staff meaning you can pay for petrol with the card, avoiding the need to pay for fuel with your own money and having to claim it back.

In the past the cards were limited to use only at Shell garages. Now the cards can be used at any garage including supermarkets, so you can buy fuel at a garage closer to your route and potentially get a better price for your petrol and diesel. Fuel cards are designed to save the council money and save staff time and effort.

Using the cards

  • before using your card, check that all details on the card are correct
  • in the signature box on the back of the card, write the vehicle registration
  • every time the card is used, the driver must be ready to tell the cashier the vehicle’s exact mileage
  • always check the receipt before signing
  • please do not buy premium fuels with the cards.
  • if a card goes missing, is stolen, or damaged, report it immediately


Bearer cards

If you require a card to fill things such as generators, mowers or medium term hire vehicles, you will need to apply for a bearer card which are not embossed with the vehicles registration.  


If you would like to apply for a fuel card or have any questions about fuel cards, please contact the Fleet Management Team at fleetmanagement@portsmouthcc.gov.uk or phone 023 9284 1535.


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