Whether it's going to meetings, conferences or appointments, business travel is an area the council could save big sums of money. While your journey costs might be very small, the costs for staff travel across the council soon adds up. Save your service some money by using the checklist for business travel.

1) Do I really need to go?

It may sound obvious but this is the first thing you should ask yourself; can that group meeting be replaced by a conference call? Could you get the slides from that presentation later? Is that conference something you've just 'always gone to' (or are going just because you're secretly flattered to be invited) or is it actually really useful?

Obviously, if it's important that you are there, or you are going because it genuinely benefits your work, then of course you should go, but just make sure you've asked yourself the question.

2) Do we all need to go?

While it's nice to have someone to go with, it's just possible that all of your team, your office or your whole department don't need to be there too. If you've all been invited, again just ask yourself does everyone genuinely need to attend or could just a few of you go and report back on the most useful points later?

3) What's the best way for all of us to get there?

This will depend on distance, cost, whether you want to work on the way and how many of you are going. There's now a journey planner from My Journey to help show you the options  if one or two of you are going, think about more sustainable travel options (such as bus or train depending on distance), but if there are more than two of you it may be cheaper to get a council hire car and everyone go together. Always consider car-sharing for both business and commuting too.

4) What's the total cost?

When weighing up the costs, don't forget to include any extras like parking or fuel in your calculations.

5) How can I get the cost down?

Lastly, once you've decided on your mode of transport, it's worth doing a final check to see if you can do anything to get the cost down: When travelling by train, can you book in advance to get a cheaper fare, and have you checked sites like the Train Line for offers? If you're taking a car, can you car share? And consider hiring a PCC car rather than taking your own (see our vehicle hire page for booking details) as well as being well maintained with low emissions and fuel efficient engines, you save wear and tear on your own car and, if you're doing more than 60 miles, hiring one of our cars will cost the council less in business mileage.

While they're simple questions, it's surprising how many of us forget to even ask ourselves the first one. So, check-in with yourself on these 5 points when travelling for work, and help save your service some cash, and contribute to some bigger savings across the council.


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