A list of links to logon to systems and databases used at the council can be found below.

User guides for systems and software can also be found below.

Problems logging on? Contact IT for technical support on 023 9283 4781.


Complete the PVN form to get IT system access.

The Asbestos (AMIS) database used to record the locations and condition of Asbestos Containing Materials in Portsmouth City Council assets. The system is browser-based.

  • the database is for Local Authority Housing and Asset Management staff, as well as appointed contractors
  • users require individual passwords, which are issued during initial training
  • contractors are set up on the database for viewing rights


AMIS Asbestos Database


If you have questions about how to use the database please contact Property & Housing:

The ASB database is the system that Local Authority Housing uses to record reported incidents of antisocial behaviour and the means of requesting support from the Antisocial Behaviour Unit (ASBU) and the Portsmouth Assessment Service (PAS).

  • the database is for Local Authority Housing, ASBU and PAS officers
  • users require individual passwords, which are issued during initial training


ASB database

ASB training environment

ASB database user documents are available below.


If you have questions about how to use the database please contact:

Gerry McDougall on 023 9284 1764 or asbuhhs@portsmouthcc.gov.uk

Business Objects XI (BOXI) is the corporate report content management system that provides business information from key systems across the council.

BOXI acts as a window to a broad range of business information while simplifying complex structures. The information can then be queried and analysed centrally.


Business Objects XI

Cisco Unified Call Manager User Options allows IP Phone / Softphone users to manage features on their phones such as call forwarding and directories.

Cisco Unified Call Manager User Options guide


Cisco Unified Call Manager User

The Corporate Retention Schedule is the main reference system for advice on the retention of our records. The general rules are:

  • check how long retention periods are for the information you are responsible for
  • if they exceed the recommended period then review them
  •  consider if it needs to be kept for historical purposes - if not, destroy it
  • if you're not sure, ask your manager or the FoI team


Corporate retention schedule

The Customer Information System (CIS) is operated by the Department of Work and Pensions and is for use by authorised Housing Benefit staff only.

  • For password changes you can use the Government Gateway link
  • If you have a problem with access please contact your manager


Government gateway

Access your online bills. Please email utilities@portsmouthcc.gov.uk if you require new login details for SystemsLink or Savenergy Online.

Systems link logon

To access your invoices: 

  1. Click on the your chosen meter
  2. Select 'Data' on the left hand 'Data Set' menu
  3. Click on the date of the invoice you wish to view

To add a meter reading:

  1. Click on the your chosen meter
  2. Select 'Add New Readings' on the upper left hand menu.
  3. Submit your readings using the steps provided

If you are still receiving paper invoices, your supply is likely on a separate, independent supply contract - any queries should be directed to your supplier directly.

Metered energy data / automatic meter readings - Stark Savenergy Online

If your meter is able to record half-hourly meter readings or has an automatic meter readings (AMR) logger, then this data can be accessed on the Savenergy Online website


  1. Enter your username and password
  2. Select the meter from the left hand menu
  3. Choose your report in the centre menu and click 'Run
  • To access your daily meter readings - Meter Register Report
  • Daily/weekly/monthly/yearly report - Profile reports

The eService desk is used by IS to schedule work and record incidents reported to the IS help desk.


eService desk  

The gifts and hospitality register lets you search our records to find out details of all gifts and hospitality received or declined by PCC employees since 1 October 2007. It also shows if gifts have been donated to the Lord Mayor's Appeal.

More information about gifts and hospitality rules for staff

Gifts and hospitality register - Search function

Gifts and hospitality - register your gift/hospitality

The property & housing repairs and maintenance database is used to record and manage repairs, voids and projects relating to the various stock assets the council owns or manages. The stock assets include council offices and buildings, listed buildings, monuments, schools, the social housing stock, garages and car parks.


The system enables users to:


  • search for repairs placed for a property or communal area
  • record a new repair
  • update a repair with new information
  • extract repair information to enable reporting and identify training issues


Property & housing repairs and maintenance database



 To suggest improvements to the system please contact paul.sorrell@portsmouthcc.gov.uk or phone 07951 889 500.

HR self-serve enables staff to book and request leave, view payslips and amend their personal details and HR information.  It is access via our EBS system (E-Business suite)

Login for EBS

HR self serve information page

InTend is the corporate system used to source all the council's goods and services, whether through a formal tendering process or simply requesting quotes.

Further information and user guides can be found here


 InTend organiser 

 InTend training site

A range of keyboard shortcuts are available in Microsoft Windows and Office applications to help improve users' experience:

Northgate is the main housing, revenues and benefits system for the housing, Council Tax and benefits teams.

  • Housing - estates, rents and service charges, leasehold
  • Council Tax - Council Tax, non-domestic rates, including AUDDIS direct debit collections
  • Benefits - housing and Council Tax benefits payments, housing benefit debt and subsidy


Northgate user guides are available on the network in the following folders (copy and paste the link into Windows):


W:\ICT\_ST1\_Shared\Northgate - Lives\Northgate Process Guides

Revenues and Benefits

W:\RBE\Revenues & Benefits Library\Northgate Manuals

Panacea is a new system to help provide services with the most cost effective solution for print, design and marketing.

The  online print, design and marketing ordering and support system is being introduced into marketing and communications, and all requests for print, design and marketing will need to be made via this system from 1 February 2015.


Protos documents all of housing's main processes. You should use Protos when you:

  • are new to a particular process, such as how to chase account arrears
  • are uncertain about a particular area of policy, such as who can succeed to a tenancy
  • want to find out how to perform a housing process, such as an application for insurance
  • would like to know what a particular section does, such as resident participation


Protos - Antisocial Behaviour Unit (multi agency)


If you have any problems with Protos, contact either the Process Owner or the Process Maintainer, which are shown at the top of each process. Contact IS if you are unable to login.

The risk management system enables users to host and report on risk registers at all levels of the council.

  • To use the risk management system, you will need to be given a username and password, and also complete some basic training.
  • Follow the link for more information on risk management


Risk management system

Swift is a system for logging social care client records and reports - Swift is only accessible to social care staff under the following systems:

Swift reporting

Available and upcoming Swift reports

 Descriptions of Adult Social Care reports are available from the link above. The Management Information Officer (MIO) for your sector is responsible for running these reports to a requested timescale. 

If you require a report, or would like more information please contact your MIO or email swift.reports@portsmouthcc.gov.uk .

 The above link does not apply to CFL Swift reports for Children's Social Care staff - if you would like to access management information on this area please email spdt@portsmouthcc.gov.uk .

Swift user guides are available for AIS, CCM and ESCR.

Uniform user guides are available on the network in the following folders (copy and paste the link into Windows):

Planning \ Building Control

W:\PLN\Planning\Development Control\CAPS\Documents



Viewpoint is an online library of questionnaires to consult young people on any topic.

Viewpoint can produce reports with a breakdown of statistics.


Viewpoint access (you may have to change your browser settings to allow popups for this site)

Viewpoint user guides


Please email joe.henry@portsmouthcc.gov.uk or phone 023 9268 8574 for more information on Viewpoint.

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