The council has a contract with Workplace Wellbeing to provide staff with a range of services designed to keep you physically and emotionally healthy and provide support if you need it.

The service is called Employee Assistance Programme or EAP.

It is a free and confidential support service designed to give you access to information, advice and emotional support to help you prepare for and manage all of life’s ups and downs, events and challenges.

Any staff member with concerns including their work or career, housing, relationships, money, health and wellbeing, rights and retirement, can access this service 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

Workplace Wellbeing offer 126 factsheets for staff and 33 factsheets for managers on a wide range of topics that can be accessed on their website.

To access the wealth of information, advice, emotional support and wellbeing advice which is available for staff, go to

You can log in using the username 'PCCuser'.

You can also contact them on 0800 1116 387.

Schools staff should follow the link above and log in with the user name 'pccschwell'.

Support offered by the EAP

You can get support in three broad areas around homelife, worklife and wellbeing

My Homelife - information and advice on many of the experiences and emotions you may be faced with around: caring for people, children, consumer issues, home ownership and relationships.

My Worklife - information and advice on issues and challenges you may encounter during the course of your work, such as changes, developing your skills, dealing with different personalities, workplace incidents.

My Wellbeing - information and advice to help you take proactive steps to make informed decisions to ensure you are as fit and well as possible - both emotionally and physically.

Managers support - Support for managers is available, providing tools, guidance and information to support you in your role managing employees. You can call the advice line for any issues relating to the wellbeing of your employees free of charge.

Please note, this service is not a replacement for our HR department, but designed to be used in conjunction with it and in line with our internal policies.

Counselling sessions

You can access structured session-based counselling either face to face or by telephone. Emotional support is available 24 hours a day.

You have the choice of using online, telephone or face to face counselling once your need has been established with one of our trained counsellors. The sessions are based locally so it's convenient for you to attend and the aim is to provide a counsellor who is located within 15 miles of your work or home address.  

More information

Watch the videos below from Workplace Wellness to find out more about the support available, 

Information for staff

Information for managers

Monthly newsletter

Feb 2017 - Improving mental wellbeing through exercise

All back copies of Your Wellbeing are now easily accessible on the online EAP under the My Wellbeing tab.


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