There are some specific circumstances in which additional payment can be made to pay, these are detailed below. 

Recruitment and retention payments

There are some instances in which the council pays a ‘recruitment and retention payment’, to address issues with recruitment and retention. 

All of the information regarding these payments is contained within the Recruitment and Retention policy which is available on Policy Hub. 

Honoraria payments

Some staff may perform additional or exceptional duties unrelated to those of a higher post, for example a special project. To recognise the value of such work, the council has a system of ‘honoraria payments’.

See the full Additional and Exceptional Duty Payment policy which can be found on Policy Hub. 

To initiate such a payment, the Honoraria Payment form must be completed and sent to Payroll Services which can also be found on Policy hub. 

First Aider payment

A first aid allowance is paid monthly to council employees who are adequately qualified, certificated and formally nominated to undertake first aid responsibilities on behalf of the council, in addition to their normal duties.

This allowance does not apply to staff whose job requires them to be first aid qualified, as this has been taken into account in the evaluation of their post. This allowance is also not applicable to nominated appointed persons.

The payment is currently £270 a year.

Details can be found in the First Aid policy on Policy Hub.

Policy Hub documents

Recruitment and retention payments policy link - Search on Policy hub for: Recruitment and retention

Honoraria / additional payment policy link  - Search on Policy hub for: Additional and Exceptional Duty Payments

Honoraria payment form link - Search on Policy hub for: Honoraria Payment

First Aid policy link - Search on Policy hub for: First Aid


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