Parents with children aged 16 and under could save up to £933 a year on childcare costs with the help of a special voucher scheme, but new applicants will have to have to apply before April 2018 to take advantage of this offer.

Staff at Portsmouth City Council can register for vouchers which can be used for all types of childcare including day nurseries, nannies, crèches, childminders and au pairs.

The scheme, provided for the council by Computershare Voucher Services, can also be used for out-of-school clubs, holiday schemes, activity clubs and qualifying childcare at schools.

Eligible parents can exchange up to £243 a month (£55 a week) of their gross salary for childcare vouchers which is exempt from tax and National Insurance contributions.

Both working parents can claim childcare vouchers whether they work for the same or different employers – a family saving of £1,866 a year. 

If you are parent with school-age children and would like to save money each month on your childcare costs, act now before the scheme closes to new applicants.

In 2018 the scheme will be replaced by the government's new Tax-Free Childcare scheme. To find out more visit the Computershare voucher scheme which helps you compare both offers and decide which will best benefit you and your family.

To register for this scheme, or for more information, please email or call 0345 002 1111. 

Things you need to know:

  • Childcare vouchers benefit all taxpayers
  • The voucher scheme is simple to set up and use
  • There’s no need to change your registered carer
  • You have an option to manage your carer payments with an online account and pay your carer with e-Vouchers
  • Vouchers can be ‘banked’ throughout the year to be used during periods when you may need extra childcare, such as school holidays.
  • The Portsmouth City Council Employer Scheme ID number is 68750 (you will need this to register online)
  • The savings relate to a basic rate taxpayer. Higher and additional rate taxpayers might save around £600 a year.

To register for this scheme,or for more information, please email or call 0345 002 1111 or have a look at the ComputerShare website. 


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