Our pension provider is the Hampshire Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), which administers pensions for local authorities within the county, as well as the police and fire services.

Some key points:

  • To be able to join you only need a contract of employment for at least three months, and be aged under 75
  • It is a ‘contributory’ scheme – your employer pays in as well
  • The LGPS is a statutory scheme, with benefits set out in law, making it very secure
  • Its regulations are issued by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).
  • The benefits you build up in the LGPS are guaranteed, and don’t depend on the investment performance of the scheme

To find out more about the scheme, visit the Hampshire pension scheme website.

Please note there are some major changes to the scheme from April 2014, which can be found in the on Pension changes 2014 page.

Staff who are members of the LGPS have their pension contribution rate assessed each year on 1 April. The table below shows the pay bands and relevant pension percentage contribution rates that will apply ffrom 1 April 2017.


If there is a material change in your contractual pay during the year, the pension contribution rate will be re-assessed and this may result in a higher or lower pension deduction, but this will only take place from the first of the month following the change.


You will automatically be assessed as a main section member (see table below) but you can opt for the new 50:50 section. Please note that if you decide to opt for the 50:50 section your pension will only accrue at half the rate due under the main section.


The pension percentage contribution rate is included on your payslip - it is important you check that the deductions are correct.

If you believe the rate is incorrect, please discuss this with your payroll officer (contact details can be found on your payslip).


The contributions bandings are uprated each year in accordance with the Pensions (Increase) Act 1971. An updated contribution table for 2017/18 is below, this applies from 1 April 2017.


LGPS Contribution Table 1 from 1st April 2017


Pensionable Pay

Main Section

50:50 Section


Up to £13,700.99




£13,701 - £21,400.99




£21,201 - £34,700.99




£34,701 - £43,900.99




£43,901 - £61,300.99




£61,301 - £86,800.99




£86,801 - £102,200.99




£102,201 - £153,300.99




£153,301,301 or more





i) If you work part-time your contribution rate is calculated on your part time annual pensionable pay. This is a change that took effect from 1 April 2014 - prior to this your pension deduction rate was calculated on your whole time equivalent pay.

ii) You have a right to appeal against the assessment of the contribution rate if you feel that an incorrect calculation has been made.

This is carried out through a process called the Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure - you should contact the adjudicator (Shaun Tetley, Payroll and Pension Manager, Portsmouth City Council, Guildhall Square, Portsmouth PO1 2AR) within 6 months of you being notified of the assessment.

Please speak to your payroll officer first, as matters of this nature can normally be resolved without having to resort to the formal process. If you are unhappy with the adjudicators decision you have the right to appeal to the pension administering authority, within 6 months of the adjudicators decision.

You can register to view your pension details, including future annual benefit statements, online. The benefits of accessing your information electronically include:

  • securely view of all your annual benefit statements
  • ability to change your address, name, marital status and update your contact details
  • access to your payslips when you start receiving your pension

How to register

  1. Visit Hampshire Pension Fund Online Services
  2. Click Login  link
  3. Click on the link called 'Register now' 
  4. Enter your personal details including surname, first name, National Insurance number, date of birth and email address
  5. Enter a password of choice, making sure this is a minimum of eight and a maximum of 15 characters including a number
  6. Pick from the list a security questions 
  7. Enter your security answer
  8. Complete the Word verification
  9. Click on submit

Registration letter

Once you have submitted your details, Hampshire Pension Services will send you an activation code letter to your home address.

An activation code letter will be sent to the address that Hampshire Pension Services hold on their pension system. If you have not updated any change of address since starting your employment, please do so using the change of personal details form

Please do not attempt to login before you have received your registration letter


For more information visit Hampshire Pension Services.


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