Almost everyone in the council will need to know about insurance at some point in their role – either arranging cover, knowing the extent of the cover we already have, or perhaps making a claim.

Whether you are driving a council vehicle, or planning projects and events, you need to have considered insurance.

The council uses different insurance companies for different purposes. The main areas are:

  • Property, liability and motor insurance - Zurich Municipal
  • Personal accident and travel (including school journey) and fidelity guarantee - AIG
  • Engineering inspection and computer insurance - Allianz
  • Marine liability - RSA
  • Our insurance broker, arranging and overseeing our insurance portfolio, is Aon
  • Liability insurance
  • Motor insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Personal accident and business travel insurance
  • Theft

You can find out which each area covers in the sections below.  There are also a number of supporting documents which give more information (including an Insurance Handbook, which sets out what you need to know about what is covered and how you can claim; Frequently Asked Questions; Glossary of insurance terms, and a quick-reference guide to when you might need to call the team to inform them about a change in risk – for example acquiring new properties or starting to provide services to third parties)

Portsmouth City Council manages an in-house insurance fund. Full details of this can be found in the Insurance Fund Management Policy.

If you need to talk to a member of the team, you can contact:

  • Naomi Stefanie - Insurance Officer - 023 9284 1442
  • Peter Nail - Senior Litigation Executive - 023 9283 4070
  • Lucy Harper - Insurance Assistant - 023 9284 1684

Or email

Our liability insurance is held with Zurich Municipal. Our policy number isQLA-11U007-0073

We have a combined policy, relating to the wide range of liability claims which could be made against the council, and if the council is found legally liable for incidents leading to a claim, the policy will protect the council.

The cover is arranged in the sections shown below:

  • Employer's liability
  • Public/products liability
  • Libel and slander
  • Official's indemnity/professional negligence

The policy not only covers claims made directly against the council, but also other groups, including:

  • Employees
  • Councillors
  • School governors
  • Volunteers assisting the council
  • People undertaking work experience of any form

Should you be subject to a claim, you must follow the proper procedure:

  • Pass any Letter of Claim or Claims Notifcation Form (CNF) to the insurance team without delay, as it has to be acknowledged the next day. If in doubt as to whether a claim has been received, ask the insurance team for advice – it is likely to refer to loss or injury suffered, and may refer to compensation.
    • All relevant information must be provided to the insurance team within 10 working days. Again, if you are unsure seek advice.
    • If a member of the public or an employee informs you that they want to make a compensation claim against the council, they will need to complete a Public Liability claim form or a Third Party Property Damage claim form, depending on the type of claim.

Further information regarding liability insurance can be found in our Insurance Handbook.

There is also a Frequently Asked Questions document specifically relating to liability insurance, and the team has also prepared a case study to help to guide you.

For more information contact

Our motor insurance is held with Zurich Municipal. Our policy number is: QLA-11U007-0073-59.

This is a fully comprehensive Motor Insurance policy, which covers anyone allowed to drive council vehicles (not your own vehicle), with the permission of their manager. Claims under this policy have £500 departmental excess.

The comprehensive cover applies to all vehicles owned, leased, hired, borrowed or in any other way in the control of the council.

It is the responsibility of each manager to ensure that the drivers of vehicles for which they are responsible are appropriate, competent, and qualified to drive the vehicle.

Key points to remember :

  • If a new vehicle is acquired, or an old one is disposed of, you must complete a Vehicle Data form and email it to You must also notify the DVLA of any change in vehicle owner.
  • Vehicles hired for less than 14 days (to be used for council business) are automatically covered, although you must keep records of the hire. When hiring a vehicle for more than 14 days, you must contact the Insurance team.
  • Vehicles should not be driven for personal use unless in extreme circumstances, and explicitly agreed in advance by your manager.
  • The policy does cover taking vehicles abroad, but travel outside the European Union may require additional documentation.
  • If you use your own vehicle on council business (above and beyond simply driving to and from work), it is your own responsibility to ensure that your Motor Insurance policy includes “business use”.

Our property insurance is held with Zurich Municipal. Our policy number is: QLA-11U007-0013.

The policy covers all council properties, including schools, Civic Offices, The Guildhall, and housing, and also covers us for business interruption, works in progress and money. Claims under this policy have £500 departmental excess.

Useful information:

There is a Frequently Asked Questions document relating to property insurance, and advice specifically relating to unoccupied buildings. A case study has also been prepared to help inform you regarding property insurance.

Should you believe you need to make a claim, then you will need (found below):

  • Property damage and theft form

For further advice on reporting a claim, or returning your completed claim forms, please contact

Our personal accident and business travel insurance policy is held with AIG. Our policy number is: 001062636.

Ours is a combined policy including Personal Accident and Business Travel cover for all councillors, employees and anybody volunteering to assist the council, for official duties in connection with the business of the council. This includes journeys directly connected with that business, and applies to UK journeys with an overnight stay and trips abroad.

The policy covers major injuries, but not more minor injuries such as scratches and bruises. There may also be limits imposed for employees aged between 16-18, or over 75. Full details of the policy can be obtained from the Insurance team.

Exclusions include:

  • Winter sports, canoeing, sailing or boating
  • Motor cycling or racing and any other hazardous activities
  • Undertaking a trip against medical advice

If you think you are likely to be doing any of these activities, contact the Insurance team to find out whether cover can be arranged. Also, please contact the team before your journey so they can provide you with an insurance summary and emergency contact card

The council’s insurance policy only covers council-owned assets, however all thefts should be reported to enable us to accurately identify trends and manage risk.

If you do need to report a theft you will need to consult these documents - available from the Documents section below.

  • Property damage and theft guidance
  • Property damage and theft form

You will then need to send the report form to This is also the email address to use should you have any queries.


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