If you regularly need to make work-related purchases for under £500 you should make sure that you register for a purchasing card.

These cards allow the council to drastically reduce the number of invoices we need to process, cutting back on bureaucracy and cost. If the purchaser accepts the cards, then you should use them.

Purchasing cards are as simple as using your debit or credit card, enabling quick and easy purchases to be made from any supplier that accepts Visa. 

Applying for and using a purchasing card

If you wish to apply for a purchasing card please ensure you have read the policy and procedure manual and have your line manager's agreement. You then need to complete an application form and submit this to your manager who will email paymentsgrp@portsmouthcc.gov.uk with your request.  See below for documents, policy and procedures. The policy is also available on policyhub. 

Follow the link to complete the  purchasing card e-learning course  this must be completed before your application will be processed.

Once you have your purchasing card if you wish to amend your details or report it lost/stolen/damaged please use the relevant form (found in the forms section below).  


If you have any questions, you can email paymentsgrp@portsmouthcc.gov.uk or call 023 9284 1354. 

If you wish to use our Corporate Suppliers sites for online ordering but don’t have a logon account please visit the corporate contracts page, and view the information in the Office Supplies and Equipment section

Purchasing card transactions must be coded and approved in Barclaycard Spend Management (BSM), a web-based system.

Cardholders and managers/approvers will be set up with a logon to BSM when a new purchasing card is issued.

If you do not receive details of your BSM account within 2 days of receiving your new card, please contact pcards@portsmouthcc.gov.uk.

Within 2 days of using your card to make a purchase, the transaction will appear on BSM ready for you to code and attach your receipt to. When you have completed your transaction, your manager must check the coding, VAT and receipt and approve the transaction so that it can be extracted out to our financial system (EBS).

All transactions must be fully coded and approved by the 15th of the following month at the latest. Failure to adhere to this timescale will result in the purchasing card being suspended.

Detailed guidance on the use of Barclaycard Spend Management (BSM) for both cardholders and approvers can be found in the document section below.

If you have any queries please email pcards@portsmouthcc.gov.uk.

Monitoring Strategy and Monitoring Matrix

The Purchasing Card Monitoring Strategy has been put in place to ensure that the policy and procedures for using a purchasing card are adhered to. The strategy explains how this will be carried out by the co-ordinators and the matrix is the form that will be used.  

Roles and responsibilities

To ensure that Purchasing Cards are administered and used appropriately within the authority, the document below outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Purchasing Card Manager, Administrators, Co-ordinators and also the Cardholder's Line Manager.

Fraudulent transactions

The document below explains the responsibilities of the Cardholder, Co-ordinator, Administrator and Purchasing Card Manager where cases of Fraudulent Transactions are suspected.

All of the policy and procedures mentioned can be found in the documents section below.


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