The Portsmouth Income Management System (PIMS) is the council's new income management system. PIMS is a more efficient and cost-effective system which will be better for staff and customers alike.

As well as improving the way we take payments from customers over the counter and by telephone, the new system processes all credit and debit card transactions through a single platform and is fully integrated with our finance system Oracle (EBS). This means a huge reduction in the amount of manual tasks saving staff time and the council money.

If you have questions about PIMS, please contact

Now that PIMS is in full use across many services, we are now able to explore expanding it into other services.

If you take income on behalf of the council and are interested in learning how PIMS could help you, please contact your IS Business Partner. Your IS Business Partner will work with you through your requirements, and if PIMS is considered a suitable solution for you, a mandate will be submitted to the Financial Systems Board.

Take a look at the user guides below in the first instance. Some business areas have tailored the guides so it would be worth checking with your Super User. If you have a general query, it might be in our FAQs document below.

All issues should be raised into the Service Desk via the usual routes.

Note: ACR password calls only - these can only be fixed by the BAT2 team so, if you experience problems logging on and have a queue of customers in front of you, then contact BAT2 direct (email, telephone 023 9284 1523 / 023 9284 1375).

Financial Systems Board

The Financial Systems Board (FSB) is responsible for PIMS. It has a number of objectives, all directed at providing governance of and roadmap for financial systems, resolve escalated issues and provide a gateway to new projects or changes.


Credit card fees

From January 2018 we will no longer be able to apply the 1.5% surcharge to customer payments made by credit card.

This means that for internal users taking payment through ACR or PAYE.NET the surcharge option will be removed at the end of the day on Friday 29 December 2017. For customers making payment via the internet, touchtone or a portal, the option will be removed with effect from 4 January 2018. Please ensure that any documentation in use has been updated to remove any reference to the credit card surcharge.

If you have any questions please contact


PIMS V10 upgrade

We have carried out an essential upgrade to PIMS - this means that you will have an icon on your desktop to access via. There are a few minor differences and the guidance below explains them.


PIMS User Group

If you are interested in joining the PIMS User Group, please contact


Radius Live Reporting Module

The Radius Live Reporting Module has now been replaced with the Radius Legacy Reporting Tool to allow continued reporting on pre-PIMS transactions. If you require access to this, please email us at

Income & Payments are now located on Floor 3, Core 6.

Customer postal cheques are processed by the Income & Payments Section (Finance & IS). Much more information about the changes is below. If you have any queries or need any help, please email

Central cheque processing by the Income & Payments Section (Finance)

Business areas will be able to deliver cheques to Income & Payments on Floor 3, Core 6 for processing between 8:30am and 3:30pm Monday-Thursday and between 8:30am and 3pm on Friday. Any cheques received between these times will be processed on the same working day.

Business areas will leave the cheques with Income & Payments. Staff do not need to wait for the cheque to be processed.

Urgent cheques

Any cheques presented to Income & Payments by the business that are deemed to be urgent can be accepted and processed at any time up to 3:30pm (3pm Friday).

Banking cut-off time

Any cheques presented to Income & Payments after 3:30pm (3pm Friday) will be processed on the following working day. Income & Payments will sign a receipt for any cheques received after 3:30pm (3pm Friday) and will hold the cheques securely overnight and include them in the next morning's cheque processing.

Cheque processing form

All cheques for miscellaneous payments that are taken to Income & Payments by business areas should be accompanied by a Cheque Processing Form (available in the documents section below). This form should be completed by the Business Area before taking postal cheques to Income & Payments.

If a cheque is received in payment for items where there is an invoice number or customer reference number (for example: sundry invoices, council tax, non-domestic rates), a Cheque Processing Form is not required. You just need to ensure the invoice number or reference number is written on the back of the cheque.


Receipts will only be issued to customers or business areas by Income & Payments if specifically requested, or the bill or invoice instructs the customer to send in their original bill or invoice in order to receive a receipt. 

If a receipt is specifically requested later, after a payment has been processed, any PIMS user will be able to print a copy of the receipt from PIMS via See PIMS user guide - Reprint Receipt - on Intranet.

If a customer specifically requests a receipt in any additional paperwork accompanying a cheque such as a letter, the receipt will be produced and sent to the customer by Income & Payments when the transaction has been processed.

Customer correspondence received with cheques

Income & Payments will send any correspondence to the appropriate business area if there is additional action required.

If the correspondence has no further use, and does not require returning to the customer or the business area, it will be held by Income & Payments in a lockable cabinet for a retention period.

Cheques incoming from visiting officers

Where an officer from a business area visits a customer and collects a cheque, this will be deemed to be a postal cheque and not a customer facing cheque. Once collected from the customer the officer should bring the cheque back to Civic offices for processing in Income & Payments.

Petty Cash Forms

We have a new petty cash form for you to use. The new form allows you to complete it before printing; automatically totals your separate lines; and calculates the VAT where appropriate.

This form is available on the Petty cash and expenditure page.

There is also a new form just for Social Care use called Allowances. This is available below.

Cashing Up

Cashing up is not required for users who only take card payments. 

It's for users who process any other type of payment during the day (e.g. the Cash Desk, housing Offices, PCMI, Kennels and the central cheque processing team).

End of Day

All transactions need to be completed and entered into the system before the End Of Day process where the system sweeps the days transactions at 8pm. Any transactions entered after this time will be captured the following day.


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