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We want to ensure that visitors to the civic offices get a warm welcome, we have put measures in place to make their visit easier.

City Help Desk are there to advise and signpost residents who arrive at the civic offices, but in order to relieve queues, there is no need for business visitors at the reception desk.  Staff will need to:

  • Use the Visitor booking system to book your visitor in ahead of their visit and ask them to call you on arrival at the civic offices. 
  • Issue your visitor with a visitor badge located at the security desk.  No business visitor should be in the building without a badge.


You must use the system if your appointment or meeting:

  • is during office hours, which are Monday to Thursday 8.30am – 5pm, Friday 8.30am – 4pm
  • is with external business visitors (including interviewees, new starters or PCC staff who do not have a civic office swipe card) but not residents or clients (who should be seen on the ground floor)
  • will take place in an area of the civic offices protected by swipe doors
  • Open the  visitor booking system
  • Complete the fields as required
  • The system accepts details of up to fifteen visitors at one meeting, whether they are arriving separately or in a group. Do this by filing in one numbered line on the lower part of the form for each visitor attending.
  • You will be asked to give an alternative name and number to contact when your visitor arrives.  This will help to ensure we can contact one of your colleagues if you are not available. 
  • Once you have completed all the relevant information on the form, click the 'Make Booking' button at the bottom of the page to send the details to the booking system.
  • You will receive a short email from the system to confirm your booking has been recorded.  This will also give you a reference number and a link to amend or delete the booking.
  • Once booked, contact your visitor with the wording found below (either as part of an email or letter) to ensure they know who to contact when they arrive.  The wording we suggest you use is as follow (you can also download a word copy below if you wish)

Just to confirm your meeting with XXXXXXX on XXXXXXXX in room XXXXXXXX.
The Civic Offices can be found in Guildhall Square, opposite Portsmouth Guildhall:
When you arrive: please ring XXXXXXX on 02392 XX XXXX using your mobile or ex XXXX using the business visitors telephone located in reception, and tell them/me that you have arrived.  
There is no need to queue up at the reception desk if you have phoned.
Please ensure you arrive early as the reception area can be busy.
Thank you. 

Make sure that business visitors know your name and extension number (do this via the email or letter confirmation you have sent).

Tell your visitors to report to the ground floor of the civic offices, and to phone you (using their mobile or the Business Visitor phone located in reception) to tell you they have arrived.

Collect your visitor from reception and issue them with a visitor badge (the badges are located at the security desk - you only need to complete the date). No business visitors will enter the building without a badge.

If you expect several visitors, you may wish to complete badges ahead of time.

Please remember you visitor is your responsibility while in the building.

The basement car park has five visitor spaces, which must be booked in advance.

To book a space, phone core 2 security on 023 9283 4096. If no space is available, please direct your visitor to the multi-storey car park behind the civic offices.

All external visitors must be booked in via the online system.


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