The View is on the 5th floor of the civic offices and provides a friendly, stress-free atmosphere for council staff to meet or hold informal meetings, overlooking Guildhall Square with spectacular views of the Isle of Wight.

View cafe opening hours

  • Monday to Thursday 8.30am - 4pm
  • Friday 8.30am - 3pm

Food on offer

We pride ourselves on offering both first-class food and good customer service.

Coffee is central to The View, so we have partnered with Paddy & Scott’s to offer staff delicious, high quality coffee.

Our food range includes a selection of pre-packed sandwiches, rolls and hot savouries, as well as healthy options. There is also a range of cakes, muffins, flapjacks, sweets, chocolate and soft drinks.

Refreshments and catering for meetings

Refreshments are available for Portsmouth City Council meetings from The View – you need to place your order four days in advance.

However, to ensure the council gets the best possible value for its money, Members have agreed that council funds can only be used to buy drinks or  refreshments in certain circumstances:

  • Drinks and refreshments can only be bought for staff, Members or visitors at council meetings scheduled to last more than two hours
  • you are hosting a visit from a Minister, visiting mayor or similar dignitary
  • You are providing refreshments for volunteers who are doing a service for the council such as an education appeal
  • You are arranging a statutory or working group that has more than one external visitor. 

These rules apply to everyone at Portsmouth City Council.

How to book refreshments

All refreshments for the Civic Offices must be ordered at The View. No other refreshments can be brought into the building. To book refreshments, please fill in the booking form below and take your order to The View at least four days in advance.

If your meeting meets the criteria and you would like to book catering, please look at our menus to see the full selection of food and drinks provided in The View menu below.

Hot drinks catering

  • The View will confirm your order and give you a key which has been programmed with the number of drinks ordered and can be used at KLIX vending machines on Floor 2, core 5 ( near room A) and core 5/6 (near room L)
  • After your meeting, return the key to The View. There will be a charge for any lost keys.


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