Security is of paramount importance, both because of the sensitive nature of some of the work we do and because we need to protect the equipment and other valuables in our buildings, including those belonging to staff.  

For more information on security of our buildings or ID cards, email

ID cards are issued to every member of staff at Portsmouth City Council, our tenants and partner organisations and display a photograph of the employee. For security reasons, ID cards can allow access to specific areas and buildings, and therefore ID cards should not be lent to any other employee.

New members of staff need to complete the ID Card Request form, which you can download below.

If you are leaving the council, please remember to return your ID card to the security team or your manager.

To keep staff safe we require you to carry your ID cards at all times, so that our security team and other members of staff can quickly identify who has legitimate access to council buildings.

For information on temporary ID cards, replacement cards and change of access, see the ID card page

Make sure you know who you are letting in, and always ask to see a security pass whenever you let someone into an office area.

We’re all helpful people - it’s tempting to let someone in if they look lost, or we hold the door open for someone who comes in behind us, but please remember to check who they are before you let them in.

If someone asks to see your security pass, please don’t take offence, they’ve got your best interests at heart.  

Our security team are responsible for ensuring our offices remain a safe and secure place for us all to work.

The main entrance (Core 3) to the Civic Offices is open Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5pm and on Friday 8.30am to 4pm.

Each core has its own opening times:

  • Core 2 – Underground car park – 7am to 7.00pm
  • Core 5 – Staff entrance – 7am to 7.00pm
  • Cores 4 and 6 are fire exits only.

If you need to access the Civic Offices out of hours, you can only enter through the Core 3 main reception doors.

Staff who are using the building out of hours must show their ID cards as well as sign the out of hours book, which is used as a record of people in the building in case the fire alarms sound.

If you would need help evacuating the building by the stairs in an emergency, or have sight difficulties, please talk to your line manager before working out of hours to ensure that appropriate procedures are in place for your safety.

If you need to make a quick visit to the Civic Offices outside normal working hours while accompanied by children, you will be allowed to go to your work area for a short period of time without prior notification.

However, if you are working out of hours and have no alternative but to bring your children into the Civic Offices, then your manager must have emailed facilities management 24 hours beforehand with your name, hours of work and confirmation that your manager has carried out a risk assessment.

Without this email, security will have the right to refuse access to the Civic Offices on health and safety grounds.


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