Accommodation space is a big area of expense for the council.  We are all aware of the need to find efficiencies, and currently the council is exploring all our options to see where savings can be made.

Estates rationalisation is constantly being reviewed in order to release assets and generate income through commercial tenancies.

Because of these changes, a set of principles has been developed to govern how future moves will be handled. They are:

  1. Everyone should have the right tools and resources to do their job.  This means everyone should have access to a device that provides a fit-for-purpose solution based on their business needs.
  2. No role will have more than one device allocated, although other devices maybe available on a service/team basis (this would not include Blackberries, for example). All devices will be managed and allocated centrally according to business need
  3. Cellular offices will be provided to CX, Deputy and Directors only
  4. Desks will be provided according to an efficient corporate layout
  5. Open plan storage and screening will be provided at low level to ensure improved communication and environmental conditions
  6. Improved environmental conditions will mean that portable heating and fans will be removed
  7. Adequate storage solutions will be provided
  8. Adequate grouped lockable personal storage will be provided
  9. Comfortable flexible space will be provided on each wing of each floor, including workstations, breakout meeting and formal meeting space
  10. Standard office resources, PAG, stationery, waste stations, guillotines, etc. will be adequately provided

These principles are part of an overarching accommodation and estates strategy. If you are planning an office move, contact  


Before any office move, sort through your documents and papers so you're not taking any paperwork that is out of date with you. Check all cupboards, store rooms, attics and basements for record just in case any records might be stored there. Look behind shelving and drawers.

Please dispose of anything you no longer need. You should use blue confidential waste bins or confidential waste sacks that are obtainable from Facilities Management to dispose of any confidential or sensitive information. Please make sure that they have been collected before you leave the office.

You should transfer any paper records that need to be kept but you do not need to use frequently to the Modern Records Service. Email for assistance if needed.

If you're not sure whether we need to keep papers records or information check the corporate retention schedules  Check the corporate retention schedules 

IT equipment moves

If you need to move IT equipment please contact IS service desk and facilities management so that records can be kept of who owns the equipment and where it is located. This is for financial and health and safety reasons. Please give as much notice of moves as you can.

Moving of Furniture and Equipment - Civic Offices

If you have an office move coming up and you need to arrange removals please contact Facilities Management will assess the work needed and advise if there will be a cost. Small moves, such as a single filing cabinet, will be carried out without charge but moves needing additional labour may incur a charge. Please be advised that there is no longer an in-house porter service and therefore charges are likely to apply. Please also be advised that where the use of removals as necessary there is likely to be a booking process.

If you are disposing of furniture check for misplaced records - please remember to look behind drawers, as well as in them.


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