ID cards are issued to every member of staff at Portsmouth City Council and display a photograph of the employee.

To keep staff safe we require you to carry your ID cards at all times, so that our security team and other members of staff can quickly identify who has legitimate access to council buildings.

Security is of paramount importance, given the sensitive nature of some of the work we do.

For security reasons, ID cards can allow access to specific areas and buildings and therefore IS cards should not be lent to any other employee.

Staff should have been issued with a new ID card which will enable them to use the new MFD 'Print and go' devices.

If you are leaving the council, please remember to return your ID card to the security team or your manager.

New members of staff

The manager of a new member of staff will need to complete the ID Card Request form (at the bottom of the page) and email through to Facilities Management. A passport type photo can be sent through with the form.

Temporary ID Cards

If you lose your ID card, you should contact Facilities Management immediately so the card can be disabled.

If found, it can be reactivated.

You can get a temporary card from the Security desk at the lower ground floor, core 2, civic offices (the underground car park staff entrance) Monday to Friday 6.30am to 7.30pm.

At all other times go to the ground floor, core 3 main reception desk.

You will need to give the name and extension number of your line manager, (or a work colleague if your manager is not available in order to confirm your identity).

Staff must not leave the premises with a temporary card and they must be returned at the end of the day. Temporary cards which are lost or not returned will be deactivated and a charge made.

Replacement cards

If you need a new ID card, can you please fill out the ID card request form and send it to

You will receive an email advising that the new card has been produced and is either being sent in the internal post or ready for collection from the security office, core 2 lower ground floor.

Change of access needed

If you have a change of service, or need access to other sites, then please email with the following information:

  • Name of employee
  • Reason for additional access

ID card request form