Ensuring your health and safety is protected means not only putting in place the right procedures, but also ensuring that they work, and that everyone understands how to keep themselves safe.

A central element of this effort to protect you is our fire safety arrangements, which are tested regularly so that we are as well prepared as possible. 

  1. Find and activate the nearest fire alarm manual call point
  2. Evacuate the building immediately
  3. Go to your designated Fire Assembly Point

When the fire alarms sound, visual beacons may activate for people with hearing difficulties. 

(Please note the fire alarm is tested at the civic offices every Monday at 7.45am.)

  1. Evacuate the building immediately using the shortest route, unless directed otherwise
  2. Do not use the lifts
  3. Assist any visitors to leave the building in accordance with site specific procedures
  4. For those with mobility issues:
    • Staff with mobility issues should have a personal emergency evacuation plan
    • Visitors with pushchairs should leave them in a non-obstructive area and carry their infant down the stairs
  5. Proceed to your assembly point
  6. If you are about to enter your building and hear the alarms, do not enter. Make your way direct to your assembly point
  7. At your assembly point, report to your Section Head and stay with your group
  8.  Do not return to the building until you are advised to do so by an appointed Fire Marshall or the Fire Brigade.

During core hours of 8.30am-5pm Monday to Thursday (4.30pm Friday), the assembly point for Civic Offices staff is Victoria Park. Outside these hours the assembly point is Guildhall square. A map of assembly points can be found below.

If you cannot find where your assembly point is, please ask your manager.

If you work in the Civic Offices Monday to Thursday 5pm to 8.30am, (Friday 4.30pm - 8.30pm) which is outside core hours, you are responsible for your own health and safety. 

It is essential that you always sign in at front desk security if you are working out of hours.

If the fire alarm sounds out of hours, leave by the nearest fire exit, do not use the lifts.  Make your way to your assembly point in Guildhall Square and wait for instructions from security or the fire brigade.

If you would have a problem exiting the building via the stairs in case of a fire, please make sure a plan is in place with your line manager before working out of hours and that you have a buddy to work with you.

In the event of a fire, specific roles have been allocated to people to ensure the safety of all council staff. 


If you perform any of the following roles, please read the ‘Complete Fire Procedures’ below to ensure you know what your duties are.


The duties of Floor fire wardens and Section heads are also provided on the links below: 


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