Portsmouth City Council aims to act as sustainably as possible and staff are encouraged to play their part.

Our ‘Green Champions’ are staff members who work to make the council as green as possible. 

Wherever possible we recycle. To help us dispose of different types of waste properly, we have different coloured bins to sort out what can and cannot be recycled.

At the civic offices, office spaces have colour coded bins, these are to be used as follows:

  • bins with black lids are used for general waste and are located within reasonable distances for all staff
  • blue locked bins marked ‘confidential waste’ are used to dispose of confidential waste
  • bins with green lids are used for recycling waste and are located within a reasonable distance for all staff

It is important not to contaminate your recycling with waste objects or it all ends up in landfill. Here are the items which can be recycled:

  • paper, shredded paper, plastic bottles, cans and card can be placed in the recycling bins with green lids
  • remove lids from plastic bottles and rinse out items if needed.  Plastic bottle lids are also collected for recycling by individuals in civic offices.
  • cardboard boxes should be flattened and left by the central recycling bins on your floor.
  • CDs, DVDs, disks and magnetic tapes can be disposed of in blue bins on the lower ground floor in Core 2, civic offices.
  • glass jars and bottles can be recycled in kitchens and at lower ground floor bin store at Core 2, civic offices. Please remove lids and rinse out if needed.
  • toner cartridges can be placed in bins with black lids affixed with a toner cartridge - they will be collected by the porters 

The council has joined forces with Hampshire County Council in a commercial waste contract with SITA UK for all council sites, including schools.

SITA is responsible for getting rid of all waste and recycling at the council. 

The locked blue bins at the civic offices contain canvas sacks. There is a higher charge for the disposal of confidential waste. Staff are encouraged to only place confidential papers in these bins with non-confidential papers being placed in the green lidded recycling bins.

The sacks are changed by the porters, who will then seal each sack with a plastic tie then transfer to a locked cage before being collected by the contractor.

Confidential waste brought to the Civic Offices from outstations must be in canvas sacks and sealed with the plastic ties. The contractor issues a certificate of destruction.

Please ensure each sack of confidential waste is not too heavy to be lifted - shredded paper does not need to go through the confidential waste process.

It is important to dispose of all equipment in the right way and staff are required to fill out the correct form before getting rid of any equipment surplus to requirements.

Under the council’s Financial Rules staff are required to log IT equipment, vehicles and office and general equipment disposal on of the two different forms, which you can find below. 

If you have any questions or want more information about waste and recycling at the civic offices, please email facilitiesmanagement@portsmouthcc.gov.uk.


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