'Working together to shape the great waterfront city'.

Our goal is designed to be simple, reflecting the fact that although we are a diverse organisation, everything the council does is designed to make the city a better place and improve life for our residents.

Although our employees do lots of different things, the goal helps everyone who works for the council to understand what we are working together to achieve, and how their individual role contributes shaping the great waterfront city. It's part of our story as an organisation.

Our goal reflects:


  • our shared priority around social, economic and physical regeneration, shaping an all-round great city for our residents
  • our waterfront city brand, and the role of our waterfront location in defining our city and shaping our future
  • our strong public and private sector partnerships
  • our strength when we work together as one council


If we are going to successfully shape the great waterfront city, we need a shared understanding of what a great city looks and feels like.

We have a set of five clear priorities:

  • raise educational standards
  • be entrepreneurial and efficient
  • encourage regeneration and investment
  • empower residents to be healthy and independent
  • provide excellent customer service


 In order to achieve our aspirations for our great waterfront city, we have to make sure we rise to the current challenges facing all local authorities and run our council in the most efficient and effective way possible. Our guiding principles were established as part of the transformation programme and set out how we go about our business.

Our guiding principles are:

  • put customers first
  • provide value for money
  • be ambitious
  • use evidence to shape services
  • simplify, strengthen and share processes
  • get it right first time
  • support councillors as strategic leaders
  • value and support staff
  • listen and learn