Team brief is information about the main council priorities and news that should be communicated to all staff each month.

Team brief is put together by the chief executive and directors, and provides managers with the tools to pass on council-wide information to their staff -and listen and respond to questions and feedback.

It is sent to managers at the beginning of each month and should form part of your usual team meetings and briefings so you have the chance to ask questions and feedback on the information you hear.

It is also available on the intranet for all staff  to read from the third Friday of each month.

If you have any feedback or views on the information in team brief, please email

May 2017 - Team brief 

June 2017 - Team brief

August 2017 - Team brief

September 2017 - Team brief

October 2017 - Team brief

November 2017 - Team brief

December 2017 - Team brief

January 2018 - Team brief

February 2018 - Team brief

We know team meetings and briefings are already happening across most of the council, but that they are not used to communicate council-wide information to staff.


Team brief was designed to fill the gap in our internal communications. It was introduced following consultation with staff about internal communications through staff surveys. Heads of service and managers were also consulted on how a team brief would work in practice.

Team brief should be incorporated into existing team meetings and briefings, and provided alongside directorate, service, team and operational information as appropriate.

  • special meetings or briefings should not be organised just to provide information from the monthly team brief.

Staff should be given the opportunity to discuss and ask questions, which should be answered by managers where possible. Questions that can’t be answered by managers, and any general comments, should be emailed to

In areas such as residential care homes, where shift patterns mean there are operational issues with face-to-face briefings, team brief can be provided using staff notice boards.

A team brief is sent to heads of service and third tier managers on, or as close as possible to, the first Monday of the month.

The information contained in team brief should be communicated to staff in team meetings or briefings as soon as possible, and by the end of the month at the very latest.   

Team brief was introduced in 2012, and is continually reviewed to see if it is working.

We measure the impact of team briefs using feedback from the regular employee  survey.  We also welcome the views of staff and managers on how the new approach is working.

Team briefs should be communicated  face-to-face, so the latest team brief document will not be posted below until the end of the month in which it is due to be delivered.

If you haven't heard the latest team brief, ask your manager.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact corporate communications on 023 9268 8073 or email with the subject 'Team brief'.