Portsmouth City Council's charging policy regarding different types of Freedom of Information requests is detailed below.

FoI requests

We will charge for FoI requests in line with the national FoI fees regulations. If the cost of finding and retrieving the information does not exceed £450 (equivalent to 18 hours work) there will be no charge, other than for disbursements.

If the cost exceeds £450 we will charge for all the hours at a rate of £25 per hour or decline the request - alternatively, we will assist the requester in refining the request to within 18 hours to ensure no charge will be incurred.

Disbursement costs are free up to £5 - above this, we will charge the full amount, including the initial £5. Where a fee is involved, we will issue a fees notice requesting payment - the request will not progress until the fees have been paid. The 20 working-day target for responding to requests will not begin until the fees are paid.

Data Protection Fees

The fee for requesting to see personal data about yourself under the Data Protection Act is £10 - or £5 for Portsmouth Leisure Card holders.

This does not apply if personal data is held in an 'unstructured' form, in which case the FoI fees above will apply.

Environmental Information Regulations

Our charging policy for environmental information is the same as for FoI requests, as above.

Fees where other legislation applies

Where existing legislation applies to an information access request (such as the Town and Country Planning Act) the legislator's own charging regulation will apply.


Disbursements are costs associated with the provision of information in an applicants preferred format. Disbursements include postage costs.

Portsmouth City Council may disburse information by printing, photocopying, or copying to a CD-ROM, video or audio tape. We may translate content into a language other than those which we currently support - Bengali and Cantonese.

Typical disbursement costs are £11.00 for the creation of a CD-ROM, or as per the table below for photocopying:

 Photocopying (cost per sheet) A4 A3 
 Black & white  3p   4p
 Colour  85p  £1.28


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