Portsmouth City Council wants to ensure that equality considerations are imbedded in our decision-making process and applied to everything we do, from the services we design and deliver, the policies we design, the way we carry our public functions, the way we commission and buy from others to the way we treat our staff.

So we have a corporate system of equality impact assessments that we carry out on all major council services, functions, projects, policies and decision making meeting reports to assess any potential adverse implications.

Why we use equality impact assessments 

We have decided to continue with the EIA process as it helps us to:

  • develop a better understanding of the community we serve
  • make better decisions, based on principles of fairness and equality
  • ensure our services and policies are inclusive and accessible to everyone
  • ensure we use our resources efficiently based on the identified needs of our residents
  • identify any potential disadvantage to certain community groups in our city with an aim of eliminating or mitigating it by seeking alternative non-discriminatory solutions
  • identify positive action initiatives, wherever possible and permitted by the law, in order to meet specific needs of the vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our community
  • identify improvements to our services, policies or the way we perform our functions

To enquire about a particular Equality Impact Assessment, email equalities@portsmouthcc.gov.uk, or call 023 9283 4789.

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