Job details

Location - Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK

Salary - £202.78 - £500.84 per week per child aged 11 to 15 years; £249.57 - £501.48 per week per child aged 16 and 17 years

Job type/hours - Permanent, full-time

The above payment range varies from fostering allowance only to fostering allowance plus fee paid subject to the carer's experience and skill level. 

Plus generous allowances associated with the fostering task including mileage and holiday allowance. 


Portsmouth City Council are particularly seeking to recruit Foster Carers for children and young people over 12 years of age, but are also keen to recruit carers for children of all ages including sibling groups.

The payment reflects the importance we are attaching to finding secure, stable family homes for young people who urgently require somewhere they can belong, where they can receive guidance and direction, enjoy their childhood and grow and mature into successful independent young people. 

We would like to hear from you if you feel you have personal or professional child care experience (or both!) and feel you could be a role model and inspiration to young people to help turn their lives around. We offer a high level of support to our Foster Carers including excellent out of office hours and a range of high quality training courses to help prepare you and ensure you continue to develop your skills throughout your fostering career.

We particularly welcome applicants who have experience of caring for, or working with, older children / teenagers and maybe seeking a career change, better work / life balance or a new challenge in their lives. 

However all enquiries are welcome! 

Foster Carers can be single, with or without children, married, living together, in a same sex or heterosexual relationship and we welcome applicants from a wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. You can be a home owner or have a secure tenancy. All ages over 21 are welcome to enquire however it is important that you have a spare bedroom in your home to foster. 

We have many Foster Carers currently fostering young people who are experiencing the reward and satisfaction of helping children and young people to grow in confidence, develop and fulfil their potential, and they would be happy to be contacted to tell you about our outstanding fostering service.

Please contact us if you would like more information. 

Tel 023 9283 4071 or see the website (

Job Specification:

1. To provide a secure and stable family home.
2. Provide a safe and comfortable environment which has sufficient bedroom accommodation. We require that children have their own room however occasionally siblings of the same gender like to share a room.
3. To support educational, health, emotional needs of children in your care.
4. To help children develop positive interests and activities which will promote self-esteem and confidence.
5. To help children understand their past history and support contact with birth family members as appropriate.
6. To provide children with a healthy lifestyle in terms of diet, exercise and activities.
7. To provide guidance and direction to help young people achieve successful independence. 
8. To work alongside professional colleagues and other Foster Carers as a team in order to support children’s development and progress.
9. To have empathy and understanding of children who may have experienced neglect and abuse during their early years.
10. To be open to continual training and development in order to be well equipped for any behaviour challenges which may materialise.
11. To be able, with support, to be able to set appropriate boundaries for children.
12. To be able to advocate for children and express both your own and their views in meetings and in writing as appropriate.
13. Personal qualities such as resilience, good listening skills, enjoyment of sharing activities with children and a good sense of humour. 


There are no formal qualifications required for this role although any child care qualification e.g. Teaching, Youth work, Social Work, Education, Diploma or NVQ Child Care, Nursing would be helpful as would experience of working in the care sector or working with young people in a paid or voluntary capacity. 

However, potential applicants without this background should not be deterred from contacting us. 

Personal skills and enthusiasm for the task are of equal importance.

How to apply

There are 3 ways to apply: