Full Council meeting

We make our Full Council meetings available to view online.

The public Full Council meetings are a cornerstone of the city's democratic process, with all 42 councillors coming together, and the online streaming service allows more people to engage with them.

The meetings are shown 'as live', with a 15-second delay. Viewers can pause and resume the action as they wish and the broadcast remains available to view online once the meeting has finished.

Anyone who can get online should be able to view meetings through their normal web browser.

Footage is taken from a static camera in the council chamber with sound available through the microphone system used for the meetings. No members of public attending meetings will be shown in broadcasts.

Council Leader Cllr Donna Jones said: "A number of councils across the country broadcast meetings online and I'm delighted we are able to offer this facility. Meetings have always been open to the public and this is a fantastic way to engage more people in the democratic process, making more visible to everyone how we work and how decisions are made."