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There are lots of places to look for jobs online, and you could start by registering with Universal Jobmatch.

If you're not confident in using the internet to search for work, contact The Learning Place to find out about computer skills courses.

If you don't have internet access at home, find out when computers are available at your local library or community centre.  Or use your own laptop, tablet  or smartphone in any of the My City WiFi free internet hotspots around the city.

Apprenticeships mean you can earn a wage while you learn and gain practical skills on the job.

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and develop your skills to help you find the right job.

Whether you want to gain a qualification, learn something new, or strengthen your skills, learning opportunities are available. Local providers include:

Or you can search for courses online from the National Careers Service.

If you'd like to be more confident with numbers, and you like learning online, take the national numeracy challenge and learn the maths you need for your everyday life.

16-24 and not in work, education or training? If you need support with finding work, CVs, application forms, apprenticeships, college courses or training, come to one of our drop-ins where an adviser can help you.

Email more information. Drop-ins are at the following venues:

Monday, 12-2pm

BYAC (Buckland Youth Activities Centre), Charles Dickens Centre, Lake Road, Buckland, PO1 4DY

Tuesday 12-2pm

Hillside Youth Club, Cheltenham Road, Paulsgrove, PO6 3PY

Wednesday 12-2pm

Brook Club, Somerstown Central Hub, Rivers Street, Portsmouth, PO5 4EY

While you are looking for work, you can apply for Jobseeker's Allowance or Universal Credit.  To check which of these you can claim, read the information on who must claim Universal Credit.

You should make your claim as soon as possible, because you may have to wait several weeks after you submit your claim for your first benefit payment to be made.  Even if you think you might get back into work quickly, you can still make a claim, and then cancel it once you start work again.

Visit My Journey for information on travel in and around the Portsmouth area, to help you save time and money getting to work.