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Council Tax - apply for single person discount

Single person discount (also called sole occupier discount) applies when there is only one adult (18+) living at a property, and reduces the Council Tax bill by 25%.

Council Tax - apply for a direct debit

Apply to have your council tax paid by direct debit.

Benefits - apply for benefits

Apply for housing benefit and council tax support.

Council Tax - apply for student exemption or disregard

Complete this form to apply for student exemption or disregard for Council Tax.

Council Tax - report a change of name or contact

Complete this form to tell us about a change to your name (for instance, after you get married).

Council Tax - apply for a class B unoccupied dwelling owned by a charity

Use this form to apply for a class B unoccupied dwelling owned by a charity

Report a change of address

To make sure your Council Tax bill is correct, you need to tell us when you move from one address to another. Change your address here.

Council Tax bands

This page gives you information about Council Tax bands. It explains how they are calculated, and tells you how much you'll need to pay.

Council Tax - report a death

Please complete this form to inform the council of the death of a property's occupant.

Pay Council Tax over 12 months

If you would prefer to change to 12 monthly payments, but not pay by Direct Debit, you may complete this proposal form.

Request a copy of your Council Tax bill

Complete this form to request a copy of your Council Tax bill.

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Council Tax - landlords' Frequently Asked Questions

Information for landlords about who in your property pays council tax

Council Tax

Set up a Direct Debit, make a Council Tax payment or find out more information about your bill, such as your

Council Tax discounts and exemptions

Details about who qualifies for council tax discounts and what those discounts are

Council Tax - Houses in Multiple Occupation

Council tax advice for property owners, landlords and tenants for houses in multiple occupation
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