Information and catchment area maps for all of Portsmouth's infant, junior and primary schools are below - follow the link to find the most recent Ofsted reports, or contact the Family information service for help and advice with school admissions and appeals.

In the documents section at the bottom of this page you will find three maps that will help you to see where infant and primary schools in Portsmouth are located.

The maps in the table below include all the Infant and Primary schools in Portsmouth. Select the school you are interested in to view its catchment area. The maps are only indicative of these schools' catchment areas - for further information please contact the school or the admissions service.

School / websiteAddressPhone numberCatchment area map
ARK Dickens Primary Academy Turner Road, Buckland PO1 4PN 023 9282 6514 ARK Dickens Primary Academy 
ARK Ayrton Primary Academy Somers Road, Southsea PO5 4LS 023 9282 4828 ARK Ayrton Primary 
Arundel Court Primary School Northam Street, Landport PO1 1JE 023 9282 4893 Arundel Court Primary 
Beacon View Primary Academy Allaway Avenue, Paulsgrove PO6 3PS 023 9237 5302 Beacon View Primary 
Bramble Infant School Bramble Road, Southsea PO4 0DT 023 9282 8604 Bramble
Cliffdale Primary Academy Battenburg Avenue, North End PO2 0SN 023 9266 2601  
College Park Infant School Lyndhurst Road, Copnor PO2 0LB 023 9266 2823 College Park
Copnor Primary School Copnor Road, Copnor PO3 5BZ 023 9266 1191 Copnor primary
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School Gladys Avenue, North End PO2 9AX 023 9266 1818 This school does not have a catchment area
Cottage Grove Primary School Chivers Close, Southsea PO5 1HG 023 9234 1133 Cottage Grove 
Court Lane Infant School Hilary Avenue, Portsmouth, PO6 2PP 023 9237 8890 Court Lane Infant
Court Lane Junior School Hilary Avenue, Cosham PO6 2PP 023 9237 5444 Court Lane Junior
Craneswater Junior School St Ronan's Road, Southsea PO4 0PX 023 9273 4787 Craneswater 
Cumberland Infant School Methuen Road, Southsea PO4 9HJ 023 9273 3161 Cumberland 
Devonshire Infant School Francis Avenue, Southsea PO4 0AG 023 9273 4902 Devonshire 
Fernhurst Junior School Francis Avenue, Southsea PO4 0AG 023 9273 5998 Fernhurst 
The Flying Bull Academy Flying Bull Lane, Buckland PO2 7BJ 023 9269 4313 Flying Bull 
Gatcombe Park Primary School St Barbara Way, Hilsea PO2 0UR 023 9269 4412 Gatcombe Park
Highbury Primary School Dovercourt Road, Cosham PO6 2RZ 023 9237 5404 Highbury 
Isambard Brunel Junior School Wymering Road, North End PO2 7HX 023 9266 3444 Isambard Brunel 
Langstone Infant School Stride Avenue, Milton PO3 6EY 023 9283 2642 Langstone Infant
Langstone Junior School Lakeside Avenue, Milton PO3 6EZ 023 9282 4138 Langstone Junior
Lyndhurst Junior School (Academy) Crofton Road, North End PO2 0NT 023 9266 3645 Lyndhurst 
Manor Infant School Inverness Road, Fratton PO1 5QR 023 9282 0548 Manor
Mayfield School Mayfield Road, North End PO2 0RH 023 9269 3432 Mayfield 
Medina Primary School Medina Road, Cosham PO6 3NH 023 9237 5475 Medina
Meon Infant School Shelford Road, Southsea PO4 8NT 023 9273 1082 Meon Infant 
Meon Junior School Shelford Road, Southsea PO4 8NT 023 9273 2844 Meon Junior 
Meredith Infant School Portchester Road, North End PO2 7JB 023 9266 3846 Meredith 
Milton Park Primary School Eastney Road, Milton PO4 8ET 023 9273 3792 Milton Park Primary
Moorings Way Infant School Moorings Way, Southsea PO4 8YJ 023 9282 9147 Moorings Way
Newbridge Junior School New Road, North End PO2 7RW 023 9282 9424 Newbridge 
Northern Parade Infant School Kipling Road, Hilsea PO2 9NJ 023 9266 2596 Northern Parade Infant 
Northern Parade Junior School Doyle Avenue, Hilsea PO2 9NE 023 9266 2129 Northern Parade Junior
Penhale Infant School Lincoln Road, Fratton PO1 5BG 023 9282 1016 Penhale 
Portsdown Primary School And Early Years Sundridge Close, Cosham PO6 3JL 023 9237 8991 Portsdown 
Solent Infant School Evelegh Road, Cosham PO6 1DH 023 9237 1073 Solent Infant 
Solent Junior School Solent Road, Cosham PO6 1HJ 023 9237 5459 Solent Junior 
Southsea Infant School Collingwood Road, Southsea PO5 2SR 023 9282 8176 Southsea 
St George’s Beneficial Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) Primary School Hanover Street, Portsea PO1 3BN 023 9282 2886 St George’s Beneficial 
St John’s Cathedral Catholic Primary School Cottage View, Landport PO1 1PX 023 9282 1055 This school does not have a catchment area
St Jude’s Church of England Primary School St Nicholas Street, Southsea PO1 2NZ 023 9282 4061 St Jude’s 
St Paul’s Catholic Primary School Bourne Road, Cosham PO6 4JD 023 9237 5488 This school does not have a catchment area
St Swithun’s Catholic Primary School Taswell Road, Southsea PO5 2RG 023 9282 9339 This school does not have a catchment area
Stamshaw Infant School North End Avenue, Stamshaw PO2 8NW 023 9266 1192 Stamshaw Infant
Stamshaw Junior School Tipner Road, Stamshaw PO2 8QH 023 9266 1045 Stamshaw Junior
Victory Primary School Allaway Avenue, Portsmouth PO6 4QP  023 9200 1160 Victory
Westover Primary School Westover Road, Milton PO3 6NS 023 9266 0178 Westover 
Wimborne Infant School Wimborne Road, Southsea PO4 8DE 023 9273 3783 Wimborne Infant
Wimborne Junior School Wimborne Road, Southsea PO4 8DE 023 9273 3784 Wimborne Junior


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