Why are we introducing wheeled bins?

The decision to introduce wheeled rubbish bins is to encourage recycling, reduce waste, make Portsmouth cleaner and save money. It ensures that we can carry on with weekly collections.

Around 10% of what is collected in rubbish bags is recyclable and should go in the green bin. Residents who produce more rubbish and recycle fully can apply for a larger bin. Residents will also be able to purchase some additional capacity for occasional extra rubbish.

What will happen to my weekly rubbish collection? 

When the change happens, your rubbish will be collected in either:

  • a wheeled bin,
  • or up to three standard bin bags per week.

    We'll write to you to tell you which scheme will apply to your home.

Remember not to use more than the three bag limit. If you have a wheelie bin, please do not put extra bags next to or on top of the bin, as any extra rubbish will not be collected.

Will I have to pay for my bin or a larger bin?

No, not if you are a household. Landlords and managing agents of large Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) or flats will need to purchase communal bins from Portsmouth City Council.

How big is the wheeled bin?

The bin is approximately 110cm high, 50cm wide and 60cm deep. The base is no larger than a normal-sized round dustbin.

But what if I need a bigger bin?

If you are recycling in full and you need a larger bin or bag allowance for your general rubbish, contact the team to discuss your situation. We may send an officer to carry out an assessment. Larger bins may be issued where residents are recycling fully.

If you have extra recycling, you can put this next to your wheelie bin or box - but it must be contained in a cardboard box or safely stored (not in plastic bags). You can also request a larger or additional recycling bin or box.

Why is the bin so small?

The standard bin provided is 140 litres for your weekly collection. Most councils across the UK supply 240 litre bins for a fortnightly collection, so we are already giving residents 20 litres per week more capacity than other councils in Hampshire.

I only produce one bag a week; do I have to have a bin?

Yes. You don't need to place it out weekly if you don't want to, but we will only empty the wheeled bin provided.

I bought my own wheeled bin, can I use it?  

We will only empty official Portsmouth City Council wheeled bins.

Has my collection day changed?

No. It's still the same day, but the collection time may change. The bin must be out by 7am for collection.

I have had a party and I have more than will fit in the bin, what can I do?  

You can either take the extra bags to the recycling centre at Port Solent or you can purchase up to 12 extra waste stickers per year. 12 stickers will cost £24. 

To buy these additional stickers, please contact 023 9284 1105. You can pay by debit or credit card.

How much are the extra waste stickers and why do I have to pay for them? 

The extra waste stickers cost £24 for a sheet of 12. This is to encourage residents to reduce waste and recycle more, and to cover our own costs.

To buy these additional stickers, please contact 023 9284 1105. You can pay by debit or credit card.

I have bought stickers. What do I do with them? 

Place a sticker on each extra bag that you put out. Don't place stickers on bags in your wheeled bin or on your first three bags. The sticker must be clearly visible to the crew member to ensure it is collected.  

As I have paid for the extra bags, can I put anything I want in them?  

No, the bags must only contain normal domestic waste. They cannot contain recyclables, glass, garden waste, building waste, liquids etc, otherwise they won't be collected and you won't get a refund.

What can I do with my old dustbin? 

Due to unexpectedly high demand for the collection of old dustbins, there's a delay in collecting these from the pavement as we'd initially advised.

If you have left your old bin on the pavement for collection, could we kindly ask that you put it back in your forecourt and contact us to request removal.

As long as your dustbin is completely empty, we'll take it from your forecourt over the next few weeks. Send your request, including your address to recyclingandrubbish@portsmouthcc.gov.uk or call 023 9284 1244.

Please note that we will no longer be accepting requests for collection of old dustbins after Friday 25 January 2019; we will continue to collect the ones we have had requests for, but no new requests will be accepted.

You can still take you old dustbin to the recycling centre at Port Solent.

How will excess uncollected waste be dealt with?

Excess waste will be recorded by the crews. Waste officers will investigate this and take appropriate action.

I live in a flat - how does this affect me?  

If you already have a communal bin for your waste there will be no change. If you are in a smaller block you may be given a communal bin.

What can I recycle in my green recycling bin? 

  • Paper/card
  • Plastic bottles (no other plastics or plastic bags)
  • Aerosols
  • Tins/cans

    Items should be clean and loose - please don't put anything else in the bin as this increases the costs of disposal.

What about glass and clothes? 

You can take glass and clothes to the recycling banks throughout the city. View the locator to find your nearest recycling point.

What about my garden waste?

Take green waste to the Household Waste and Recycling Centre at Port Solent, compost it or join the Green Waste Club.

What about my small electrical items? 

If they can fit into a standard carrier bag then place them on the lid of your recycling bin or box on your recycling collection day.

Why can't we recycle more items?  

All the recycling we collect goes to be sorted. The sorting centre is designed to take plastic bottles, paper, card, aerosols and tins/cans, but it can't sort any other items. The council is working with other local authorities to look at ways to improve and increase recycling.

How does this save the council money?

The largest cost is on disposal of rubbish - recycling generates income. Therefore the new scheme should reduce costs.

I am a childminder and I have a lot of nappies to dispose of. 

If you are a childminder, you are running a business from home and would have to pay for a separate trade waste collection. You wouldn't be entitled to a larger waste bin or bag allowance to accommodate this waste.

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