Why are we doing this?

The decision to restrict waste in wheeled rubbish bins is to encourage recycling, make Portsmouth cleaner and save money to ensure that a weekly collection can be maintained.

How will it work?

When the change happens your rubbish will be collected in either a wheeled bin or in up to three standard bin bags per week - we will write to you ahead of the change to let you know which scheme applies to your home.

Remember not to exceed the number of bags you can put out, put additional bags next to or on top of your wheelie bin - any excess waste will not be collected.

Why is the council restricting my waste?

Just under 10% of what we collect in rubbish bags should actually go in the recycling bin, so by restricting your waste, we are hoping this will encourage you to recycle fully which will help the environment and bring the costs of disposal down, enabling us to maintain the weekly collection.

Residents who produce more rubbish and recycle fully can apply for a larger bin/bag allowance. Residents will also be able to purchase a limited amount of capacity for occasional excess waste.

Will I have to pay for my bin or a larger bin?


What if I need a bigger bin?

Once the change happens if you think you need a larger wheelie bin or bag allowance for your general rubbish, contact the team for an assessment. Larger bins will be issued where residents are recycling fully.

If you have extra recycling you can put this next to your wheelie bin or box, but it must be contained in a cardboard box or be safely stored. Not in plastic bags! You can also request a larger or additional recycling bin or box.

Need help with your bins?

If you are unable or struggling to put your bin out as required, contact the team to see if you qualify for an assisted collection. Help is available for residents in ill health, elderly or disabled who don't have help to get their bins out. You can also request an assisted collection using our online form.

How will excess uncollected waste be dealt with?  

Excess waste will be recorded by the crews and officers will investigate and deal with reports of excess bags.  

I live in a flat, how does this affect me?

If you already have a communal bin for your waste there will be no change. If you are in a smaller block you may be issued with a communal bin.

What can I recycle in my green recycling bin?

  • Paper/card
  • Plastic bottles (no other plastics or plastic bags)
  • Aerosols
  • Tins/cans

Items should be clean and loose - please don't put anything else in this bin as this increases the costs of disposal. 

What about glass and clothes?

You can take glass and clothes to the bring banks throughout the city. Find your nearest recycling point here.

What about my garden waste?

Take green waste to the Household Waste and Recycling Centre at Port Solent, compost it or join the Green Waste Club: gwc.pcc@biffa.co.uk.

What about my small electrical items?  

If they can fit into a standard carrier bag, then place them on the lid of your recycling bin or box on your recycling collection day.

Why can't we recycle more items?

All the recycling we collect goes to be sorted and the sorting centre is designed to take plastic bottles, paper, card, aerosols and tins/cans and cannot sort any other items. The council is working with other local authorities with whom we are in a contract to look at how we can improve this.

How does this save the council money?

The main cost for rubbish is the disposal charge per tonne. This change encourages all residents to participate in our recycling scheme, which in turn reduces our costs. 

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