Different ways of collecting household waste are being trialled in various parts of the city. So far, the trials are taking part in the following areas:

  • Highbury 
  • Paulsgrove 
  • Hilsea 
  • North End 
  • Fratton 
  • Southsea 
  • Milton (trial starts Friday 8 June)

The trials are taking place in a bid to improve the city's recycling rates, which are amongst the lowest in the country. It is hoped that by encouraging residents to reduce their household waste and recycle more we can reduce the overall costs of household waste disposal.

There will be no change to collection frequency as weekly collections will continue, fortnightly recycling collections also remain unchanged.

In Highbury, Paulsgrove, Hilsea, North End, Southsea and Milton, residents are supplied with wheelie bins to use for household waste.  In Fratton residents were supplied with either seagull proof sacks or are limited to three bin bags per week.  In some flat fronted properties in Southsea residents are also limited to three bin bags per week. This should be enough for the majority of households if recycling correctly and any additional waste will not be collected.  If after two weeks you still have a lot of additional waste please contact  recyclingandrubbish@portsmouthcc.gov.uk

We're also relying on feedback to help decide whether the trial continue so please complete the survey at the end of the trial period.  

For more information please check out the answers to frequently asked questions below.

The next waste trial will start in Milton on Friday 8 June 2018 and collections will continue weekly on Fridays. If you live in the following roads you will be part of the trial. Wheelie bins will be delivered from 1 June 2018. If you do not receive your bin by 4pm on Wednesday 6 June 2018 please call us on 023 9284 1105.

  • Milton Park Avenue
  • Cromarty Avenue
  • Weston Avenue
  • Posbrooke Road
  • Meon Road
  • Blendworth Road
  • Church View
  • Warren Avenue
  • Catisfield Road
  • Hollam Road
  • Crofton Road
  • Shelford Road
  • Mayles Road
  • Plover Reach
  • Curlew Path
  • Tern Walk
  • Mariners Walk
  • The Haven
  • Chevening Court
  • Riverhead Close
  • Oxsted Court
  • Brasted Court
  • St James Place
  • Milebush Road
  • Longfield Close
  • Edenbridge Road
  • Whitely Row
  • Siskin Road
  • Skylark Court
  • Lapwing Road
  • Reedling Drive
  • Atlanta Close
  • Wayfarer Close
  • Mayflower Drive
  • Seagull Close
  • Revenge Close
  • Godwit Road
  • Schooner Way
  • Sovereign Drive
  • Sovereign Close
  • Sanderling Road
  • Whimbrel Close
  • Dunlin Close
  • Moorings Way

Depending on which trial area you're in please put out either your wheelie bin, seagull proof sack or a maximum of three bags, at the boundary of your property on the pavement.


Please place your rubbish outside by 7am on the day of collection, and not earlier than 7pm on the night before.

The crew will only be collecting rubbish which is in the wheelie bin or seagull proof sack, with the lid closed, or a maximum of three bags. Any extra waste will not be collected. If you're using all available recycling facilities you should be able to reduce the amount of household you produce. 

We are encouraging recycling, use of the bring banks and Green Waste Club to minimise the amount of rubbish.  If after everything is fully recycled, you still have more rubbish on a regular basis, then we can assess you to see if you are suitable for a larger container. 


If after two weeks you are recycling as much as possible and would like to speak to us about a larger container or additional bags please call

023 9284 1105.


If you still need to get rid of rubbish you can take it to the Portsmouth Recycling centre at Port Solent. 

Unfortunately we can't swap trial areas because we need to find out which method makes the most difference; also, it would be complicated for crews collecting the rubbish. Trial containers allow the same amount of rubbish collection, and the seagull-proof sacks hold three bin bags, which is equivalent to a 140-litre wheelie - the exact same size used in the other trial areas. We are relying on your feedback, so please let us know your views once the trial is underway.

As this is a trial, we would suggest that you keep hold of it until the trial ends.  We will know then which, if any, of the new methods for collecting rubbish will become a long term fixture.

For residents in the Fratton trial area only, we do have smaller seagull proof sacks if you don't produce that much waste, or if you're in the limited bag trial you can choose you put out fewer than three bin bags. If you don't have much waste you don't have to put your wheelie bin out every week.


Crews will put back seagull proof sacks outside each property they came from. They also have house numbers written on them so yours should be easily identified. Please bring your sack back inside after collection.