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Following Government advice that is designed to help reduce the spread of coronavirus, the council has taken a number of steps to help ensure the wellbeing of customers, staff and the wider community, while also keeping essential services running.

As part of this we're making materials available to help providers across the city take the steps needed to ensure the safety of those we care for, the public and staff.

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Please find the latest information and guidance on coronavirus:

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Please take at look these easy-to-read guides on how best to prevent the spread of coronvirus and protect yourself:

Testing facilities for coronavirus 

Updated - 3pm on 30 June 2020

Online booking for testing for COVID-19

A facility for testing for the presence of COVID-19 is available for all essential staff who are self-isolating because they or a member of their household have symptoms.  The test centre is co-ordinated by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Resilience Forum. Eligible key workers from all partners of the forum or members of their household, who have symptoms are being invited to take advantage of the service.   

All essential staff can book a test online for themselves or members of their household who are experiencing symptoms – a high temperature or new continuous cough.

Tests should be booked online through the government website

More detail of the process for the testing

Options for testing are to book a test at a regional centre or request a home testing kit.

If you have any concerns or issues about staff booking a test or their experience of testing, please email We will ensure any feedback is shared with the Department of Health who are running the testing programme.

Staff in business critical roles who are unable to travel to the Portsmouth testing site or use the home testing kit, can now book a test directly at QA hospital on telephone: 023 9268 1712 during normal office hours. A clinician will provide the results directly to the person tested. Please note; To be eligible for testing at QA hospital, staff / household members must be between 48 -72 hrs from onset of symptoms which is slightly different to the national testing venues. 

Reaching all eligible care homes with whole care home testing

We are committed to reaching all care homes whose residents are over 65 or have dementia by 6 June and we are making good progress against that commitment.

There are however still some care homes across England, who are eligible to register via the online portal who have not yet done so. We know that it some cases this is because the care home participated in the pilot programme, and others have organised their own testing through local mechanisms.

However we’d be grateful for anything you can do to encourage eligible care homes to register as soon as possible. Eligible care homes can access the portal on the Gov.Uk website.

Whole Care Home Testing Webinars

The Department of Health and Social Care are hosting a webinars each weekday, in the morning and afternoon on the whole home swab testing process. The target audience is care homes.  We strongly recommend them for care homes about to receive their test kits, but anyone from an eligible care home yet to carry out whole care home testing can attend one. More dates/times are added all the time.

Main objectives of the webinar series: 

  • Outline the end to end whole home testing process
  • Share top tips
  • Provide an opportunity to ask questions

Care homes can register to access the webinar.

Useful links

NHS FAQs for work places.