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A public right of way is a path which can be used for leisure and recreation by anybody at any time.

For more information about Portsmouth public rights of way, email or contact the Safer Travel Team, Civic Offices, Guildhall Square, Portsmouth, PO1 2AL.

Hampshire Countryside Access Forum (see below) and have more information on public rights of way.

Each path is classified according to who is allowed to use it. The classifications are:

  • footpath (pedestrians only)
  • bridleway (pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders only)
  • restricted byway (no motor vehicles)
  • byway (open to all traffic)

Portsmouth rights of way are shown in a series of maps downloadable below. 

As a user, your rights and responsibilities are to:

  • be able to use a right of way without obstruction or intimidation 
  • use a right of way with normal accompaniments, such as a dog or pram (but not on a bicycle on a footpath)
  • use the right of way with respect for other users and the owner of the land through which it passes 
  • keep any dog with you under control, on a lead if necessary, to prevent it from fouling the right of way and to stop it from running over any adjoining land
  • use the right of way for its designated purposes only.

Landowners' responsibilities to the rights of way on their land are to:

  • ensure rights of way are free from obstruction, such as overhanging foliage
  • ensure the surface is in a fit condition for its intended use
  • signpost and mark rights of way
  • provide and maintain stiles and gates
  • remove rubbish and litter as far as is practicable under the Environmental Protection Act 1990
  • progress applications to divert or nullify rights of way, if applicable, under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990

A landowner can give the public the right to use a route over their land, that is, 'dedicating' the route as a public right of way. Legally a dedication must be for all the public, and for all time, but the landowner can determine who can use the route, for example pedestrians only, or pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders. 

Sometimes routes are used as public rights of way over time. The presumption here is that, at some time in the past, the landowner either dedicated the way as public, but has lost the evidence of the dedication, or the landowner made no objection to the public using the route. To be legally acceptable, the public must have been openly using the route, without interruption, for a period of twenty years.

Landowners can deposit maps with the council showing any public rights of way on their land, together with a declaration to the effect that they do not intend to dedicate any other routes. Hampshire County Council has more information on this.

The Camber

Please read the Definitive Map Modification Order and accompanying General Notice below.

Register of applications - Portsmouth City Council keeps a register of applications that have been made to change the definitive map of public rights of way. This register means that landowners, users of rights of way and the general public can see applications that could result in changes to the definitive map.

To register an application for creating, diverting, modifying or extinguishing (withdrawing) a Public Right of Way, please email stating the following:

What you are applying for (creation, diversion, modification or extinguishment of a right of way)?

  • The site location

  • Why you are applying

In the table below is the list of applications made in accordance with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.


StatusArea Description of route claimedGrid reference from/toNotice served 

Not found

Map 1 Paulsgrove

Portsdown Hill Road near Churchillian Pub to Skew Road


Nov 99


Map 9 Eastney

Side of 57 Halliday Crescent to footpath at junction of Henderson Road


May 06


Map 9 Eastney

Green are opposite 1 Driftwood Gardens to junction of footpath at Henderson Road


May 06

 Not found

Map 9 Eastney

Rear of garages opposite flats 85-95 Halliday Crescent to the side of 10 Halliday Crescent


Sept 06


Map 4 Baffins

Side of 157 Stanley Avenue to the dirt track at the rear of 157 Stanley Avenue


Nov 06


Not found

Appeal dismissed by Planning Inspectorate

Map 8 Southsea

Outer edge of The Camber Dock Old Portsmouth


Nov 14


Applications for Modification Order under Section 53(2) of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

The application(s) are currently being reviewed

Map 8 Southsea

From Trimmers Court at junction with East Street proceeding northwards with Quayside edge proceeding south along water edge to Bridge Tavern turning west along inner Camber basin edge to southern end of Trimmers Court.


Jul 16

The application(s) are currently being reviewed

Map 4 Baffins

Compton Road - Battenburg Avenue


June 2019

The Hampshire Countryside Access Forum provides advice on management and maintenance policies for rights of way and access land. It principally advises Hampshire County Council, Southampton and Portsmouth City Councils, but also government bodies and user groups.

The forum meets quarterly. Members of the public are welcome to attend, submit a question or make a representation. For more information email


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