Apply for an older person's bus pass (first-time applicants only)

This page gives you information about older person's bus passes in Portsmouth, including how to apply for or renew a pass, or what to do if your pass is lost or expired. It will also advise you on what proof of eligibility you will need.

We are offering eligible people a concessionary bus pass to encourage independent living, provide free transport to help reduce social isolation and encourage the use of sustainable transport. 

There is information available for people whose bus passes expired in March 2019.

You can also find information about disabled person's bus passes, including a 6 month trial of free disabled travel.

Apply for a bus pass

You can either apply for an older person's bus pass online or at the Civic Offices. To apply for a pass, you will need proof of age, such as:

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Driving licence
  • Medical card

You will also need proof that you live in Portsmouth (such as a council tax bill, housing benefit, rent book, electoral registration or utility bill), and a passport-quality colour photograph. Your photograph must show your head and shoulders only, without head gear, (except on religious or medical grounds) front facing and alone. 

Apply online for an older persons bus pass. You will need to check you are eligible - you can do this using the state age pension calculator.

You are an eligible older person if you are a:

  • Women at pensionable age
  • Man at the pensionable age of a woman born on the same day

We will post the pass directly to you, which can take up to 10 working days.

Using your bus pass

These passes can be used on local buses anywhere in England in accordance with the local authority's scheme. The Portsmouth scheme provides free travel during off-peak times (9.30am to 11pm, Monday to Friday), and all-day on weekends and public holidays. The bus pass doesn't cover travel in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Renew a bus pass

You don't have to do anything to renew your pass if it has been used on local buses. Passes are valid for up to five years, and we will send you a new one in the post after it has expired. You will still be eligible if you haven’t used your pass on local buses, but will need to contact us to confirm your details.

If your bus pass is expiring in less than a week and your new one hasn't arrived, please contact us.

Bus passes that expired on March 2019

If you haven't been using your bus pass on local buses, it will not be automatically renewed. You are still eligible but will need to contact us to confirm your details.

You can contact us by emailing or calling 023 9268 8599.

Companion bus passes

The companion pass allows those unable to travel alone on public transport to have a companion travel with them free of charge. To be eligible, you must:

  • have a concessionary travel pass from Portsmouth City Council (or be eligible for one)
  • receive housing benefit
  • have a signed declaration from a doctor confirming you are unable to travel alone

The companion pass is not allocated to anyone, so it can be used by anybody who is travelling with you. Only one companion may travel free on any one journey, and you must both get on and leave the bus at the same points.

If your journey starts outside Portsmouth, your companion may need to pay the full fare. The city boundary points can be broadly described by the following landmarks:

  • Mother Kelly's fish and chip shop on Southampton Road towards Portchester
  • The George Inn on London Road heading north
  • Havant Road and Rectory Road junction towards Bedhampton

Change of address

Whether you are moving within, out of or in to Portsmouth, please contact us to let us know your new address. 

Also, if you have moved into Portsmouth and currently using a previous authority bus pass you will need to apply as a new customer with us.

Lost passes

If you lose your pass (or it is damaged or defaced), there is a £10 fee to replace it. Contact us to have your lost pass replaced.

Report stolen passes to the police, so that you get a crime reference number. With this number we will issue a replacement card without charge. We will also replace any cards with a technical problem for free.

Contact us

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