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Locking your bike

It's always best to use two locks. Go for different types of lock, for example, a strong D-lock and a sturdy chain lock. This means that a thief will need different tools to break each lock, making theft less likely.

  • lock both wheels and the frame to a bike stand or strong, immovable object
  • lock 'tight' so your bike is hard to manoeuvre when parked
  • secure your lock so it does not touch the ground

Buy a decent lock (or two). Before visiting a bike shop, check Sold secure to see which locks are most secure. Expect to pay £40 upwards for a secure locking system. Portsmouth City Council sells highly discounted D-locks at the Civic Offices - find out more on the cycling around Portsmouth page and check out the pricelist

Get insurance

Check if your home insurance already covers your bicycle when it is away from your home. Also, check that the total value of your bike is covered.  If you have an expensive bike it may be necessary to insure it separately.  


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