Coronavirus: council service information and advice

Information about changes to council services as a result of coronavirus

We installed cameras on bus lanes across the city in October 2015 - drivers who illegally use the lanes will risk being caught on camera.

Bus lanes should only be used by buses, cyclists, hackney cabs and emergency services and are there to make buses quicker and reduce journey times. 

The police can already prosecute people who illegally use bus lanes but are unable to monitor bus lanes all the time.  The new cameras can operate 24 /7 and will make it much easier to identify vehicles and provide evidence of the offence. 

The advice is simple, observe the bus lane restriction and avoid the possibility of being issued with a £60 penalty charge notice. 

This is not a profit-making exercise but a way of improving sustainable travel around the city.  Any money will be reinvested to make improvements to roads and transport in the city.

£60 (reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days).

If a wheel is fully over the line, the vehicle is in the bus lane.


You can't unless your vehicle is a bus, cycle or Taxi (not private hire), or by doing so will prevent an accident from happening or if directed to do so by the police or a Civil Enforcement Officer.

Each bus lane has the times of operation on the approach signage. If the sign does not show times then it operates 24 hours.

Details are on the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), which will be sent out in the post. Follow the link for more information on PCNs.

Yes, if the police prosecute you for driving in the bus lane, then the PCN will be cancelled.

Yes, blue light emergency service vehicles can use the bus lane if and when attending to, or on the way to, an emergency.

Yes, but this seems a good reason so please appeal the PCN and provide medical evidence. The council will always consider mitigating circumstances.

No, a bus is considered to be a vehicle that is designed or adapted to carry at least 9 passengers plus the driver.



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