Apply or renew your resident parking permit online

Information on applying for a resident parking permit, where to buy for visitor permits and answers to questions about residents' parking in the city can be found in the FAQ below.

To check if your address is eligible for a permit, click here.

Save time, apply online at You will need to scan or photograph your vehicle registration document and proof of address then upload them. 

  • Proof of address - such as driving licence, council tax bill, valid tenancy agreement, solicitor’s letter confirming purchase of property or a utility bill dated within the last three months showing the address in the residents' zone.
  • Vehicle registration documents (V5C)  - section 4 & 5, which shows the vehicle details and registered address. To qualify for a permit, the vehicle registration document must be in your name and the vehicle log book must be registered to the permit address. If your vehicle is registered to an old address or you have the new keeper supplement, you can still apply online and will be issued with a temporary, non-refundable permit. You have six weeks to provide the documents or we will cancel your permit
  • For lease vehicles (including Motability vehicles) you can apply online providing a copy of the lease agreement, showing your name together with proof of address.
  • For company cars you can apply online by providing a letter from your line manager on company letterhead to confirm your full name, home address, vehicle make, model and registration number. You will also need to provide proof of address

Payment will also be required (see below for charges). As soon as you have paid and completed the online application you are covered to park in the residents' zone. Resident parking permits are now 'virtual' so you will not be sent a paper permit. Please click here for eligible roads within your RPZ, as there may be certain restrictions on roads within your area.


If you are unable to apply online, you can instead apply by e-mail, post or at the Civic Offices parking desk. You will need to supply the same documents as above. We can accept payment by card over the telephone, cheque by post, or cash, cheque or card at the Civic Offices. Please allow 7-10 days for cover to start if applying by post or e-mail.

Cost per vehicle per year - Prices effective from 1 January each yearFirst vehicle permit Second vehicle permitThird and subsequent vehicle permits



£510 (where space allows)




£550 (where space allows)




£590 (where space allows)




£630 (where space allows)

You can buy visitor parking by registering your home or mobile number with the RingGo website.


Alternatively you can buy visitor permits for any visitors including workmen, by producing proof of address, in the form of a utility bill dated in the last three months, along with photo ID, such as a photocard driving licence (this can also serve as proof of address). 

Only residents can purchase visitor permits - your visitors cannot buy them on your behalf. Workmen can buy them direct if they can show proof of working at your address, such as a written quote or invoice.


There are four different visitor permits currently available:

Visitor permits
 Visitor permit  12 hour  24 hour 4 day 7 day 
 2017  £1.00  £1.90  £5.70  £10.00
 2018  £1.05  £2.00  n/a  n/a
 2019  £1.10  £2.10  n/a  n/a
 2020  £1.15  £2.20  n/a


 *Please note that 4-day and 7-day visitor permits will no longer be available to purchase from 1 January 2018, although they will still be valid for use.


Visitor Permits for all zones can be bought at Central Library, Guildhall Square and Civic Offices reception, Guildhall Square and there are local purchase points for some zones - see the list below.


The local purchase points for different zones are in the table below:


Visitor permit purchase points

Visitor permit purchase point


Albert Road Post Office, 114 Albert Road, Southsea, PO4 0JS

MA and MC

Alderman Lacey Library, 98 Tangier Rd, Baffins, PO3 6HU

HA and HB 

Beddow Library, Milton Road, Milton, PO4 8PR

HA, GB, MB and NA

Buckland Post Office, 47-49 Kingston Road, Buckland, PO2 7DP

FA, FC and FD 

Carnegie Library, Fratton Road, Fratton, PO1 5EZ

GA, JE, JF and MB

Cosham Library, Spur Road, Cosham, PO6 3EB

AB, BA, BB, BC, BD and BF 

Landport Housing Office, 24 Commercial Place, PO1 4DT

FC and JB

North End Library, Gladys Avenue, PO2 9AX

FD and FG

Portsea Library or Portsea Housing Office at the John Pounds Community Centre,  23 Queen Street, PO1 3HN

JA and JD

Southsea Post Office, 73 Palmerston Road, Southsea, Hampshire, PO5 3PP


 Somerstown Post Office, 74 - 78 St James Road, Southsea, PO5 4HZ

LA and LB

We can change the registration on a permit, but unfortunately this cannot currently be amended online. You will need to provide the vehicle registration document, new keeper’s supplement, sales receipt or lease agreement showing full vehicle details together with your old vehicle registration and address. There is a charge of £10 for changing details on a permit.


If we don't see the full vehicle registration document or lease agreement in your name at the permit address we will issue a temporary permit. You will then have six weeks to provide us with the documents, otherwise your permit will be cancelled.


Documents should be e-mailed to with change of vehicle in the subject line. You can also apply by post or in person at the Civic Offices.

Please e-mail in advance, providing the permit number and date you are vacating the property.


If you are moving within the RPZ or to another RPZ, include proof of your new address and your current permit will be amended. If you are moving within the same RPZ you MUST provide details as above otherwise your permit may be cancelled and you will be liable for any Penalty Charge Notice issued.


There is a charge of £10 for changing details on a permit.

A reminder will either be e-mailed or posted to you 28 days before your permit is due to expire. It is your responsibility to ensure you have a valid permit.


If your permit has expired you will need to apply for a new permit. Please click here

To qualify for a permit you must live in a Resident Permit Zone.


There are no exemptions for students meaning your vehicle must be registered in your name and to an address within the zone. If your vehicle is still registered to a different address, complete section 6 on your V5C (log book) and upload SECTION 4, 5 & 6. We also need to see your Tenancy/Rental agreement, showing your name, the full postal address together with the start and finish dates. To apply, please click here and follow the online instructions.

Unfortunately you cannot update your details online, although we hope to have this option in the future.

Yes. If you have a courtesy car from a garage because of an accident or repair, please call us on 023 9268 8310 and we can amend the permit details and issue a temporary permit. You will be asked to e-mail a copy of the hire agreement to There is no charge for this and you will need to call us when your original vehicle has been repaired so we change the details back to your original vehicle.


If your car is written off and you replace the vehicle, the procedure is the same as changing your vehicle which will incur a £10 charge.

No. To be issued with a resident parking permit, the vehicle must be registered with the DVLA in your name to you at an address within the resident zone. 

Permits are issued per postal address, so a flat with a separate postal address, such as Flat 1 or Flat A, is treated separately from other flats in the building and would qualify for up to two permits.


If you live in a room in a shared house or HMO, the house is classed as one postal address and qualifies for up to two permits. A third permit may be issued where space allows. 

Lease vehicles can be issued with a resident parking permit by providing a copy of the lease showing the driver's name, address, vehicle registration number, make, model and lease period together with proof of address.


To apply online, click here and upload the lease agreement as proof of vehicle.

Company cars can be issued with a resident parking permit by providing a letter from the company on headed paper providing the drivers name, address, vehicle registration mark, make and mode together with proof of address.


To apply online, click here and upload the company letter as proof of vehicle

Vans and commercial vehicles can be issued with a permit if you own the vehicle, it is registered in your name at the permit address, or this is the only vehicle at the property.


If the vehicle is needed for emergency call-outs it may qualify for a permit but you will need to provide three months' worth of time-sheets showing the occasions when the vehicle has been called out in an emergency.


Only vehicles with a gross weight less than 3,501kg will be eligible for a permit, even if the vehicle is registered to you at your address.


To apply online, click here.

Taxis and Private Hire vehicles can be issued with a resident parking permit by providing a letter from the leasing company giving details of the person leasing the vehicle, vehicle registration, make and model and the lease period together with proof of address.


To apply online, click here.

Please click here for the roads covered by each scheme, including maps. PC/laptop users can use the Ctrl+F function to bring up a search bar, then type the name of their road to see if it is listed. Tablet and mobile users will be able to use the search function built into their browser to look for a specific road.

When you enter a residents’ permit parking zone, signs state 'Controlled Zone'. When you leave a zone, signs state 'Zone Ends'. They are also identified within the zone by additional signage with the words 'XX zone permit holders exempt' on the sign, (where 'XX' are the letters for the permit zone - such as GA Fratton or KC West Southsea). 

No, the vehicle must be re-registered in this country first, and issued with a new registration number and registration document by the DVLA, which will confirm it is registered to you at an address within the scheme.

If you have access to multiple vehicles please contact us on 023 9268 8310 for more details as an additional charge will apply.

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