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A parking suspension enables a member of public or a business to reserve a parking space on the road for a specific use, such as building works.

The normal parking restriction is suspended for this purpose, and the information on the fixed sign no longer applies. During this period only, those that have paid for the suspension can use that space.

Suspended parking areas will be indicated by bright yellow notices placed on street furniture.

Further information about parking suspensions, including fees and how to apply, can be found below. If you have any further questions, please email

Parking spaces can be suspended in residents' parking zones and on-street marked parking ('permit holders only' or 'pay and display' spaces). Parking suspensions can be requested for:

  • a removal van for a house or office move
  • building works
  • events
  • a skip delivery (the skip company - not the person or business requesting the skip - must apply for a licence to place a skip on the highway and a parking suspension in a residents' parking zone or 'pay and display' area)


We will not suspend a parking space to provide parking for private or commercial motor vehicles unless it is necessary to work from that vehicle in the suspended area, for instance an asbestos removal vehicle or scaffold delivery vehicle.


Only those authorised by the Parking Service can park in suspended area. Anyone parking in a suspended area without authorisation may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice .


A parking suspension is in place for the period of time as stated on the signage on site. 


We cannot arrange a suspension in:

  • Unrestricted parking areas
  • 'No waiting' areas
  • Dedicated Doctor or Police parking bays

Yellow lines cannot be suspended, but a chargeable exemption for a vehicle may be granted in certain circumstances. Loading and unloading is permitted on yellow lines, where a loading ban is not in force, provided that loading or unloading is continuous.

  • We can suspend parking in city council car parks - please email us to arrange.
  • For suspensions of parking for a large scale project or special event, please email us to discuss.
  • Civil Enforcement Officers will check the suspended area on the morning of the first day of suspension.
  • Any unauthorised vehicle may, even if displaying a Blue Badge, be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.

Apply for a parking suspension, fees, extensions, refunds 


Please email the details of your request to, telling us:

  • which address you'd like the suspension for
  • details of the vehicle(s) that will be using the suspended space
  • the length of road area required in metres
  • the start date and number of days the suspension is required

We will reply, confirming whether or not the suspension has been approved and, if so, how much it will cost.


Minimum notice period

Please apply at least four days before the suspension start date to enable us time to process your request.

Applications received less than four days before the required date are not guaranteed to be accepted and will incur a short-notice fee as detailed below.

Where possible we will assist, but we cannot be liable for parking spaces being occupied by another vehicle in the case of late applications.


Suspension fees

The parking suspension fees below are subject to a minimum charge of £38.

  • Suspension fee - £1 per metre, per day
  • Suspensions booked less than four days before the date required (short-notice fee) - £1.50 per metre, per day
  • Extensions booked less than 4 days before the end of the suspension period - £1.50 per metre, per day


Extending a parking suspension

You can apply to extend a suspension in a similar way to the original request. Charges for extensions are detailed in the fees and charges list.

If you do not apply for an extension, the suspension will be terminated on the end date of the original application.

You will be charged at the higher rate if you continue to occupy the suspended area once the end date has passed.


Refunds for early redemption

If you find you don't need the suspension for the full amount of time booked, let us know you want to end the suspension early - if the remaining value is £50 or more, we will refund 50p per metre, per day.


Refunds for cancellation

We can only grant a full refund if you cancel your request at least four days before the start date. No refund will be given due to unauthorised vehicles being parked in the suspended area

  • Where a suspension is granted, it must be only used for the purpose specified
  • If it is found that the suspended area is not being used for the purpose specified in the application, a Penalty Charge Notice may be issued to vehicles within that area
  • The suspended area must be used in a manner that does not obstruct the adjacent parking area, and you must move the vehicle if directed to by a Police Office or Civil Enforcement Officer
  • Only authorised vehicles included in your application will be able to use the suspended parking area
  • If using a different vehicle to the one stated on the application, you should call us on 023 9268 8290 to let us know. Otherwise this vehicle may be removed from the area.
  • At the end of the suspension period, unless an extension has been booked, normal parking restrictions will be reinstated

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