Applying for a disabled parking bay

Yes - if the person who owns and drives a vehicle on your behalf lives permanently at your address.

No. It is not feasible for a disabled parking bay to be used only for picking up and dropping off passengers.

The bay would stand empty most of the time, stopping other motorists from parking and reducing the amount of parking space for other residents.

  • carers are not permitted to use disabled parking bays to visit clients - unless they are transporting the disabled person, or they hold their own valid Blue Badge

No.  We are unable to install a disabled parking bay across an entrance as any Blue Badge holder may use it and therefore continue to block the entrance. Only an entrance bar can be installed to advise motorists that access is required.

Yes.  We do not usually approve an application if the applicant has an off-street parking facility, but it may be approved if there are exceptional circumstances.

When you apply for a disabled parking bay, please provide as much information as possible about your off-street parking facility and the reasons why you are unable to use it.

Yes.  In circumstances when the applicant has a parking restriction outside their property (such as double yellow lines or a bus stop) we will install the disabled parking bay in the nearest unrestricted parking space.

If the applicant has a limited wait restriction outside their property or lives in a resident parking zone, we will still be able to provide a bay outside the property.  

No.  You must hold a valid Blue Badge to apply for a disabled parking bay.

  • the higher rate of the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance
  • the higher rate of Attendance Allowance
  • a War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement

Yes.  The application pack contains a medical form - if the applicant does not meet the medical criteria listed on the form, but has a permanent and substantial disability, meaning they are unable to walk (or have considerable difficulty walking), they can take the form to their medical practitioner.

The medical practitioner can provide evidence to enable us to assess the application. Please note, some medical practitioners may charge for the completion of forms - such costs are the responsibility of the applicant.

We make every effort to deal with applications as quickly as possible.

Due to the production and publication of Traffic Regulation Orders, an application will take a minimum of three months to process. We will let you know in writing if your application is successful 

Yes. In exceptional circumstances a member of the parking management team may consider applications that have not been approved.

If you wish to be considered as a special case please write to us explaining the reasons for your appeal.

Disabled parking bay enforcement and renewal

Yes.  Portsmouth City Council operates an enforceable disabled parking bay scheme.

An enforceable disabled parking bay can be identified by a sign situated next to the bay which reads 'disabled badge holders only'.

If a motorist is parked within an enforceable disabled parking bay without displaying a valid Blue Badge or Disabled parking bay permit, they are liable to receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

Yes.  it is a legal requirement to display a valid Blue Badge while parked in an enforceable disabled parking bay.

Badge holders are able to request a permit, specific to their vehicle and address, which enables them to park in their allocated bay without the need to display the Blue Badge.

Permit request forms are automatically issued to bay holders upon the issue of a disabled parking bay and can also be requested by contacting us.

No.  The disabled parking bay permit is issued as an alternative to your Blue Badge, for parking in the disabled parking bay outside your house.

If you have a vehicle parked in your disabled parking bay with the permit on display you may not use your Blue Badge in another vehicle to park near to your home.

After the sign reading 'disabled badge holders only' has been installed at the bay allocated for your use, it is legally enforceable.

You can report any vehicle parked without displaying a valid Blue Badge to our Traffic Management Centre.

Call 023 9268 8289 or 023 9268 8290 to report a vehicle between 7am and 10pm every day of the week. A Civil Enforcement Officer will attend the bay at the earliest convenience, and will issue a Penalty Charge Notice if the vehicle is illegally parked - we are unable to remove a vehicle from a bay.

A permit renewal letter will be sent to you around 30 days before your current permit is due to expire.

If you change your vehicle, to issue a new permit, we require both:

  • the disabled parking bay permit from the previous vehicle, proof of address (such as a recent utility bill or driving licence)
  • proof of the new vehicle (such as a vehicle registration document or Motability agreement)

A fee of £10 is payable for a new permit. You can change your permit details in person or by post - please make cheques or postal orders payable to 'Portsmouth City Council'.

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