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Development plans for Tipner West have progressed further than ever before and Portsmouth City Council is hosting an external event today to engage industry experts. The event will inform them of the tremendous development opportunities and plans for the site, with a first spade in the ground scheduled for summer 2023.

This ambitious development, that will include land reclamation, will seize a unique opportunity to provide 1 million square feet of marine employment land and c. 4,000 homes. Supported by bespoke community, retail and leisure facilities, Tipner West will see the emergence of a new and sustainable community at the gateway of the city.

The council have already been working to address known concerns around any potential impact to the environment and continue to engage with the relevant organisations.

Leader Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson said, "The plans for Tipner West address our needs for marine employment and housing, with a large focus on health and well-being for a new and sustainable community.

"We don't just want to build homes. We want to build a community that flourishes and much thought has gone into how people can live in a more environmentally conscious way. We hope this will set the bar for future developments in Portsmouth."

The high level concept plan promotes a healthier, greener way of living, which connects people to their natural environment by focusing on more walkable spaces without kerbs and even concealing cars underground.

Cabinet Member for Housing, Cllr Darren Sanders said, "We are the second most densely populated city in the UK, yet the government has told us to build 18,000 homes. Developing homes on Tipner West helps us towards that target, while delivering homes Portsmouth people can afford and a truly sustainable community to be created.

"People want to live in communities, not concrete. That is why we want to see not just an area people want to live in, but a place that will have as little impact as possible on the climate and air pollution crises the city faces. We want this to be an example that future developments in Portsmouth will follow."

Local residents from Tipner East and Port Solent have been invited to drop-in information events at The Mountbatten Centre on 9 October and Port Solent Boardwalk on 26 September respectively. Both events will run from 12pm-7pm and be an opportunity to find out more about the plans.

For more information, contact the Tipner West regeneration team at