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Enhancing the urban and natural environment of Portsmouth is central to the Council’s proposals for Tipner West. The Harbour’s valuable intertidal habitats face a number of existing threats from climate change, pollution and sea level rise. In developing its plans, the Council has included proposals to fully compensate for any land to be reclaimed from intertidal mudflats so that the wildlife value of the harbours within the Solent will be maintained and enhanced. Details of the compensation and justification under the Habitat Regulations are being developed in consultation with the key conservation bodies. Portsmouth City Council are engaged with Natural England and the Environment Agency and have agreed the principles of habitat compensation. The Council are now at the stage of engaging other conservation bodies including Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and the RSPB, and these discussions will be ongoing in accordance with the communication strategy.

Deputy Leader Cllr Steve Pitt said, "We take the views of our conservation bodies very seriously and are committed to liaising with them throughout this process. Our desire to improve the future of Portsmouth only becomes achievable when we consider the views and advice given from our communities and key stakeholders."

Tipner West proposals are based upon sustainability with health and wellbeing at the core. It is being designed to bring about a socially-sustainable development to create a high quality and healthy living environment free of cars. Future residents will benefit from cleaner air, less noise, a healthy environment, low-carbon living and a continuous relationship with the natural environment – these outcomes will minimise the impacts on climate change and sea-level rise. Access to community facilities and the city centre will be via active / public transport connections, further reducing carbon emissions and pollution. The development of Tipner West will see over 200,000 square metres of green space and around 2,250m of accessible waterfront. The raised podium deck, accessible by vehicles, will also be home to a centralised hub for smart waste management, recycling and sustainable energy solutions. The concept plan for Tipner West therefore, offers a unique opportunity to meet the growing needs of the marine industry sector integrated into a new community that is responding to the climate emergency.

PCC Director of Regeneration Tristan Samuels said, "A project of this scale will inevitably require a vast amount of consultation and consideration. Remaining open for discussions and maintaining our need to be forward thinking are crucial factors in what will be a truly great achievement for Tipner West."